Starting a Cult! - The Trevor Moore Show

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    Trevor attempts to start his own cult with Blair Socci, Sam Brown, Sean O’Connor and three guys from the internet, and talks to cult survivor Brooke Arnold about her experience.

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    1. Tyler VanOrman

      Sorry guys... You already have a cult.

    2. Lima Beats

      Trevor says pernography

    3. nojsageiv

      It looked like the mentioning of space ghost surprised her

    4. Rexasaurus

      Those dude's are going need therapy.

    5. CthulhuTheSeventh

      Only Trevor would interview an ex-cult member in a comedy show.

    6. Hot-Headed Gladiator

      Is "Whoa!" Blair's catchphrase?

    7. BLK MN

      Found a new great show, binging it all.

    8. KeefChurchill

      Trevor’s logo makes him look like Carl Sagan.

    9. iGame3D

      The Whitest Kult You Know

    10. Nick Seditious

      will someone just give trevor the award for best hair ever

    11. Teh Modest Mouse

      Never would have know this existed if Trevor didn’t post about it on TWKUK channel.

    12. Marcus Cooley

      Hilarious stuff, can't wait to see more. Also, Brooke, the lady that they interviewed, did an interview with Anthony Padilla about her time in the cult. That interview goes deeper into how the cult worked and the messed-up stuff they did. Highly recommend checking it out. Here's a link for the lazy:

    13. Mark Henderson

      It's a me, Sam Brown.

    14. Kevin House

      Now Sam's going to get introduced every time as the "Big dog with the little hog"

    15. elvsrbad2

      I love this, please keep it going

    16. Banana Person

      Sam Brown is slowly evolving into Super Mario

    17. Mattintahat

      "Is the army a cult?" *awkward pause* (5:56)

    18. KuKu Island

      Doesn't WKUK already have a cult? People tattoo specific skits onto their body.

    19. StrangerSeen

      Does the woman add anything other than an annoying voice and just yelling?

    20. Mike Watkinson

      Trevor Moore is my hero

    21. Alex Peck

      Is the theme song a variation of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley?

    22. DewDrizzleDrop

      Finally new episodes

    23. John _

      Its not even like that about Ben! A little bris snip, some gas station pills, weight loss & testosterone and he can grow. A soft oreo has room for hard growth you just cant ever go limp like Marky Mark in boogie nights.

    24. Cash is King trucking

      Is this my gym class lol 😂

    25. Chase

      The gold standard in television

    26. Sean Adams

      Sam needs to raise his chair his knees are nearly on the ground hahahaha

    27. Jared Murray

      This is the new Conan

    28. Crimson Lolita

      It’s been a long time comin’ but we finally came

    29. RubelliteFae

      I laughed so much! The show is funnier than it was before and even better than their Twitch stuff.

    30. Sam Hand

      Trevor’s beard is not natural. It’s a long term side effect of the whiskey..

    31. BrandEver

      guud sho

    32. J444123

      Kinda feel bad for the roomates

    33. Billyion

      14:25 _I "There ya go, that's a T for Trevor."

    34. Billyion

      Blair Socci should do voice acting. I love her voice so much. I've heard her on The Daily Zeitgeist podcast a few times and I was really excited to see she's on this.

      1. Billyion

        @Logan Gellasch She sounds very similar, but that's actually Kristen Schaal.

      2. Logan Gellasch

        I though she did the voice of the daughter on Bob's burgers

      3. Haut Strange

        Agreed. She’d be perfect for that.

    35. Pretty Bad At Everything

      The HOTTEST girl took me to an Amway meeting and it got so weird

    36. Joni

      Blaire is an absolute savage 💀💀💀💀💀

    37. Carmine B

      Bring back wkuk.

      1. Lee Coleman

        They r on twitch. Official wkuk

    38. Puppy Puppington

      Why does Trevor call the weird demonic voice in his mind “his producer”????

    39. Puppy Puppington

      Loved WKUK growing up; it’s awesome to see Trevor & Sam working on something now a days!!!! It’s hard to go wrong if you have members of WKUK on your show.

    40. Chic Canyon

      im here for this. a 1000 eps please

    41. Nathan Capps

      is anyone going to comment about 18:38 and how the rest of the cast just poo on sam and sam just rolls with it

      1. Nathan Capps

        @scurus11scurus he tried 3 different times to explain, except he would realize no one cared lol then he just laughed with the crew about it anyway

      2. scurus11scurus

        he’s in on it man, he knows he’s an excellent support role. he kills it

    42. J P

      I'm so happy they made this show

    43. Justis Matuk

      I'm Subscribing just for this show


      This was great, please more of these three

    45. Quincy Jones

      i think that chick Blair is so cute and funny her voice is adorable lol and her repertoire with sam is hillarious lol this show is so funny i love trevor made his way back after all des years

      1. RubelliteFae

        I'm not the only one! I would love to have her voice

    46. Drake Holliday

      The best

    47. D. Wise


    48. Codey Cross

      I'd love this to have its own channel. I want to sub, but I don't want to see much else beyond this.

      1. Lee Coleman

        Look up OFFICIALWKUK trevor sam and the rest if the whitest kids do youtube streams on there

    49. Cody Norsic

      Blair has a cute voice 😳

    50. marshmelloman87

      Please keep making these, this format is hilarious

    51. Jay maxwell

      25:18 This little exchange stood out to me and made me respect trevor more. All it takes is a little thought about others.

    52. Jermain Xxx


    53. Curtis Crover

      you know you're pushing the envelope when the producers are screaming at you half of the show

    54. BAM21595

      This show needs to be way longer

    55. Ankaresh

      you guys got some lightning in a bottle here, i really hope it pays off cause i want more

    56. Cameron Winters


    57. Al Janssen

      That christian "cult" just sounds like christianity.

      1. Kyle Rubdie


      2. DwarfyDoodad

        I mean when she mentioned a Christian Home school thing and all that, my brain went to Mormonism. And to be fair, of the religious groups out there, Mormonism is *very* cultish. I quit going when I turned 18, and I see more and more hypocrisy in it. While you can say most religions are "Cults" Mormonism is probably one of those that is legitimately more cult like, instead of the standard "Hurr Religion is a cult" view. It is very patriarchal, I don't know about the mass breeding aspect, at least that wasn't a thing I am aware of, but I am a guy and don't know what girls were taught.

    58. brig rockwell

      All hail Trevor!

    59. SweenyLand

      I'm in.

    60. The Frank Knight Rises

      Trevor Moore brought me back to comedy central #GiveTrevorMoore

    61. Bo Beans

      This was great!! Cant wait for episode 3

    62. Harrison Halverson

      fine. i'll join the cult.. gaaawwd

    63. Mike Rotch

      Big Dawgz: "Let's start a cult!" Dolllickers: "Am I a joke to you?"

    64. Space DavidBowie

      Sam had me in tears in this one

    65. Joshua Flash

      This is amazing . the chemistry is great .

    66. DFG Raheem

      Iont know who this Trevor Moore guy is but I trust him with my life🙏

      1. DFG Raheem

        @Broken Arms 🤣🤣💯💯

      2. Broken Arms

        The whitest kid u dont know

    67. jedidiah M

      Trevor was actually a really great interviewer.

    68. smudders86

      Sean O'Connor: the future of comedy

    69. omgtkseth

      Loved it. This is the real flagship show.

    70. Christian Campbell

      I want a lot more of this show with way less of the broad.

    71. DAUBH2ERS

      the only cult I'd consider

    72. kris brown

      Great job guys! I sharted

    73. IdcImHigh420

      Let's go Doll Lickers!! Where you at?!?

    74. Bro Tato

      Blair spending every episode pretending to be offended is getting kinda old, and its only 2 episodes in.

      1. TANKtheRipper

        theres at least 3 more episodes from before lockdown.

    75. Joe Patricelli

      man this Trevor guy never misses

    76. roachboy2488

      Is Sam's desk going to get smaller and smaller every episode?

      1. Puppy Puppington

        You’re on to some comedy gold there.

    77. King Mustard

      I'm in the UK. I can't view the CC IRflow channel ("This channel is not available in your country.") but I can see this show. Phew!

      1. scurus11scurus

        glad it works but just in future cases you might try a VPN

    78. Jason Payton

      Pure gold

    79. Kyle Tannehill


      1. Jack Stieben

        He’s right there with the blonde wig on

    80. Keith Tayler

      Let Trevor do anything he wants on your channel

    81. Very Okay

      more of this more of this more of this more of this

    82. Shane Ellis

      I’d watch this all day, but if I know Comedy Central....

    83. BaklavaJah

      This was great

    84. WorldsWorstBoy

      I love and support these guys.

    85. Zovc

      "I think we solved cults?"

    86. FuriousFreeze

      This is too funny, and therefore not acceptable on a mainstream network.

    87. ThatLonelyGoat

      Please keep making more of this I haven’t laughed so hard in a while

    88. reflector

      I love this. It's like a more grounded, laid back Eric Andre.

      1. Puppy Puppington

        The only thing thats missing is an open bar for the hosts and co hosts. I think drinks would lubricate the comedy even further.

    89. Drew Pinson

      I Gave it 2 eppisodes.....Blair gotta go

    90. Austin Hanlan

      Blair Cocci sounds a bit like sarah lynn from bojack horseman

    91. Voodio Mola

      I'm so very glad you are doing the show again. You all are great. Thank you for the loads of free content! Loads and loads. All of these fans slurping loads of your creative juices must feel so satisfying.

    92. S h a n i s e


    93. ibbi

      How do these people have a tv show

    94. Ryan Knechtel

      I like how the voice in Trevors ear is a reoccurring character on the show

      1. RubelliteFae

        @Michael Pugh Exactly

      2. Michael Pugh

        @RubelliteFae or it becomes clear that’s it’s a voice in his head

      3. RubelliteFae

        It would be great if in like season 4 we find out that he never wore an earpiece

    95. Russell Steele

      Too short

    96. Brennen Cox

      I was so happy to discover TWKYK. This isn't bad :) And I recognize her voice from an animated show.

      1. TANKtheRipper

        yeah its Whitest Kids U Know so WKUK

      2. PSFLKZ

        Use the acronym WKUK to find more of their stuff. It's what they use.

    97. Amber maillet

      Meh. Her nails on a chalkboard

    98. Hilton Klitzna

      The legends of comedy back in ac-tion

    99. Sean McGehee

      The idea of having Sam as a co-host is a dream come true!

    100. Senmetwo

      Check out WKUK's channels: OfficialWKUK and Wkukvods to get updated on their recent projects and links to their patreon. They're making a movie called "Mars" and all proceeds on their channels are going to make the movie. Plus they did a D&D campaign called Buckerson & Meyer which is hilariously dumb. All of the original members of wkuk are intimately involved in this project and I'm just a fanboy who wants to see this movie. Doll lickers unite!

      1. Lenny

        what's doll lickers?