The Best of Whitney Cummings - Comedy Central Roast

Comedy Central

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    Whitney Cummings brings the heat to the Roasts of Joan Rivers, David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump.

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    1. Russell M

      I like Whitney Goings better

    2. Steel Balls

      she is not funny

    3. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

      Whitney does NOT get enough credit in this business.

    4. boredstudent

      Whitney Cummings is BRUTAL!!

    5. Kocicka Kitty

      Nice shoes

    6. The Nubbs

      She is like the vs of amy winehouse

    7. Justin R

      She sounds like she reading every joke

    8. Flauta Dulce

      Thanks for yelling your jokes at us Whitney

    9. b

      ok but why does she keep yelling

    10. Chris Spiers

      Whitney Cummings is hilarious!😂😂😂 RIP, Joan Rivers and Larry King 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    11. macho tony

      Did she get work done on her teeth? Looked like she had an overbite back then that I don't notice now.

    12. Mark Thomas

      2mins in and no genuine laugh not even on stage

    13. Beyond Euphoria

      First time I have seen a women have plastic surgery before they've actually made it as a decent celebrity.

    14. Beyond Euphoria

      Wow comedy has declined if this is the future.

    15. Ryan Brü

      She's the best.

    16. Vera Merlot

      She didn't hold back. She destroyed everyone 👏👏

    17. Joel Martinez

      She’s great

    18. concerned dude

      i wasnt a fan of whitneys stand up but her roasting is great

    19. SAB FAN

      Whitney is super funny, but her delivery is awful....

    20. Claudia Lertora

      I find Nikki Glaser much funnier

      1. Kedar Nigudkar

        She is indeed much funnier and a natural.

    21. FlickTalk

      That Amazon joke has been used at like every roast. Whitney is pretty lame

    22. Jenna Marie

      I love that she didn't make fun of Anthony, she just used him to make fun of someone else haha

      1. Chris Maxwell

        She probably knew Anthony would absolutely destroy her.

    23. psycho8705

      Whitney was such a savage on the roast

      1. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

        I was NOT expecting her to dig at Brooke like that. 😂😂😂😂

    24. Sangzuala Khiangte

      Melania is enjoying herself.

    25. Post Reading

      Love you Whit!

    26. GCTFilter snake

      I can't stand her, whe. Chris was called out for under age inappropriate relations which in pretty sure is true, she was the first to throw him under the bus without any evidence again him. When evidence finally did come she was so over joyed. Then that Parasite Theo Von jumped on board... Again no evidence at that time he just became a white knight in less then seconds.

    27. D Y

      She is not funny. I just like her last name 😁

    28. Sir Isaac

      Savage..... Lol love it and her...

    29. Dontella Soul

      Nothing about this aged well...

    30. Adagio Breeze

      There should be one of these for Greg Geraldo and Lisa Lampenelli

      1. J Lo

        Yes they keep adding the same ones. Plus where the Flavo Flav jokes. One of the best roasts!!

    31. WildTofurkey101

      Missed the most brutal one that didn't make the cut "Pam, you've slept with Brett Michaels, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Why don't you save yourself some time and drink a vat of Magic Johnson's blood."

      1. HeyMyLifeIsLibby

        I didn’t even know of that one. That is gold. 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏

      2. Simonsen

        One of the best ever.

    32. Spider Man

      Who? 🤷🏻‍♀️

    33. Jen Warshawsky

      I think she's funny but her joke delivery is not fantastic. She's also gorgeous.

      1. Calista Landa

        With all that botox in her face and her arms always flailing around now like shes one of these inflatable tube things...I dont know.

    34. Istyeak Hossain

      She is so witty and sharp. Just not funny.

    35. openskies11

      She doesn't do stand up so much as she yells at the audience for ten minutes.

      1. mikeylikey710

        she needs all of the attention, LOOK AT ME!

      2. yung pharoah

        Someone clearly never watched the roasts

    36. Zach

      Scumbags definitely reposted because of jre episode

    37. Jeffrey Brown

      Have Tim Dillon fans started bullying her yet?

      1. Calista Landa

        Should we start? We have so much to give 😜

      2. Kelvin Kyle


    38. Karma Police James

      She's cute buy yeah...come on, not so much now...

    39. DropD1saster

      her last name

    40. PolkaDotz212


    41. Ben Greer

      Well well well IRflow algorithm . We meet again.

    42. David Braun

      2:55 Jeselnik claps the highest lol

    43. Marychris Arcuri

      Bet ya trump is still mad about this 🤣🤣

    44. YeeSoest

      8:35 " she knows what hard is supposed to feel like" First lady glares at the stage, smiling, knowingly, thinking "oh honey, you don't know half of it. I'd tell you'd die vomiting"

    45. James Kmenta

      Whitney always brings it!

    46. ERICKSEN

      do Anthony Jeselnik best of!!

    47. TheSuirad

      7:11 Snoop thinking what we all are thinking.

      1. Kevin D

        He was referencing the joke Whitney made earlier about Snoop getting head from his prison cell mate. Did you even watch the video?

    48. André Zacarias

      I tried to laugh at her jokes out of pitty but my lips started to ache badly.

    49. self discarded king of ruin 72

      Love it

    50. Les Whynin

      I like being yelled at

    51. Orlando Trustfull

      Comedy Central deleting comments now 😂 I'm one of the very few people who still watches your garbage.

    52. Nothing To See Here

      I like the McRib...


      Whitney Comings VS Nikki Glaser roast battle 👏👏👏. Who's with me 🙄?.


        @nince021 indeed she is.

      2. nince021

        Nikki’s amazing - one of the best roasters.


        @Stone S Yeah I agree and think Nikki would win too. But comings would definitely give her a run for her money LOL 😎.

    54. OscillatorCollective

      🤯🤯🤯🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️WOW...I didn’t know she was so crush on her just tripled 🥰🤣🤣🤣

      1. DJ Mizzy

        Wait till you learn more about how much of a sexist she is 💀

    55. Jasmine Lindgren

      That larry king joke aged well

      1. Imani Smith


      2. Tom Hill

        Everyone dies.

      3. Jason Smith


      4. Leo the German Shepherd

        You're hot

      5. Mark Reynolds

        Larry's probably still laughing. Just who he was

    56. Ryan James


    57. Brian Long

      Wow 17th

    58. [333] Math:matical Physical Chemical BioLogical

      👋🏼🍿💪🏻 😇😆😈

    59. Kintsugi

      Dang she was gorgeous.

      1. Calista Landa

        highlight the WAS

      2. rip van winkle

        Shes gross af

    60. Whale’s Willy

      I remember when I used to laugh at her jokes, now I laugh at what a joke she's become

      1. Whale’s Willy

        @Parker Hazen she went a bit daffy during the lockdowns and is hanging out witb Tiktok dummies and influencers.

      2. Parker Hazen


    61. Allison

      Whitney Cummings is painfully unfunny.

    62. EGH181

      What year was this?

      1. Jonathan Lebron


    63. Benjamin Lewis

      go away

    64. 369 Leo

      when i am sad😭 i saw this kind of episode and move on 😂😂😂

    65. Dexter Sullivan

      I remember when CC used to be funny. South Park is your last dying leg.

    66. Gelo Staten

      That was trash 🗑

    67. worthl3ss


    68. Yellowstone Ranch


    69. Yunngen Music Official

      Comedy central aint funny no more

    70. Femzy John

      4th wow

    71. jaime galinato

      Wow third



    73. Naranbileg Baljinnyam

      wow first