Drag His Ass: The Commitment-Phobe (ft. Mary Beth Barone)

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    Comedian and recovered fuckboy addict @Mary Beth Barone leads a rehabilitation program for fuckboys, “Drag His Ass." In this episode, she tackles the case of Yaya, who has been single for 7 years and runs away at the first sign of feelings, and talks commitment with Evan Ross Katz.

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    1. Cardsmaster

      I need my weekly dose of Mary Beth.

    2. Aldous Yelxuh

      8:30 wait... you HIRED kittens? no one in your 12+ person production staff had cats? one more wait... did you pay more for the kittens than you did for anyone on the team?

    3. Aldous Yelxuh

      If I ever EVER had to hire a publicist (never) This Gay Man with Opinions is the one for me. Yes that paint will dry darker... yes that paint will dry lighter. The man is skilled.

    4. It's Tyles Or Something

      Why has a black card for this specific video been popping up in the corner of literally every IRflow video I watch, lately? Also, how is that possible?

    5. JB Maitre

      "I love you" ... "Miaow" aaaawwwwww!!

    6. presh xd

      I dont have anything against the show, I actually kinda like it but this more like reality tv and less comedy

    7. Tyler Mclaughlin

      Yaya was on a MTV show called just Tattoo of us.

      1. Tyler Mclaughlin

        @ItzSoYaYa you're correct. The British version is just tattoo of us. Thanks for the corrections

      2. ItzSoYaYa

        How far is a tattoo Far 😊

    8. Jaya Peou


    9. Noah Culbreth

      My man had an AirPod during his wedding

    10. Kenny South park

      Hi my name is Kenny

    11. Dane Hereford

      Excellent funny stuff!! I'm allot like yaya.

      1. ItzSoYaYa

        Heyyy 😄👋🏽

    12. shivani thakar

      Did he actually keep the cat?!

      1. augusts1

        This isn't real life, it's a comedy sketch, Einstein.

      2. ItzSoYaYa

        No, I didn’t! I’m allergic lol!

    13. MuffnMonster


    14. cindy li

      like thre cat

    15. Michael Jackson

      hope her male writers can carry this

    16. Джонатан д

      Comedy Central peaked in the Reno 911 era.

    17. Micah Hammac

      Comedy Central used to be funny, 😩

      1. k kurova

        go be a crabby old bald guy somewhere else

      2. ItzSoYaYa

        Aww, sorry you feel that way 😩🥺🙃

    18. ToxicCupcake93

      Thank you for plugging the aspca

    19. Catnipfumar

      Who else pause the video to get a full view of his crazy tattoo? I know I'm not the only one. It was that cold that when he farted it became ice cubes? 🤔😹

      1. Elle Lurent

        That's my uncle 😌

    20. TheArthurkan

      prosthetic breast plate is a thing?

      1. augusts1

        Try it. It would make yours look bigger!

      2. oompaloompah

        do you think drag queens put pillows on their chests?

    21. Hope

      I love this woman!!!! My first video of hers and I am IN! You go girl!

    22. wopalongcassidy

      Did he keep the kitten for reals ?

      1. augusts1

        It's a comedy sketch, Einstein.

    23. Comrade Frosty

      now a female version maybe you can get them some personality

    24. Aryan Jaeger

      7th comment

    25. Music Tryer

      this isn't funny why is it on comedy central

      1. ednakrabapoly

        Yo for real

    26. æ


    27. Kev

      Just make this a real show already. Nobody likes a tease😭

    28. Tyler Hackner


    29. Sam Yo

      First comment 😜

      1. Sam Yo

        @Josh Bryant hhhhhhh Man spread love and respect not hate Thank you for your opinion bro🌹

      2. Josh Bryant

        @Sam Yo I know right

      3. Sam Yo

        Like you wasted it by watching this video

      4. Josh Bryant

        And you wasted it saying that?

    30. Reimon Tolentino