The Best of Paul Mooney - Chappelle’s Show

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    Paul Mooney’s Chappelle’s Show sketches are the stuff of legend.

    About Chappelle’s Show:
    It’s not just a show - it’s a social phenomenon. Dave Chappelle’s singular point of view is unleashed through a combination of stand-up bits and street-smart sketches. Hailed by critics and beloved by fans, Chappelle’s Show brings the funk and the noise - and some of the funniest comedy on television.

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    1. NICK EVAN

      Cruise is as tall as an Asians so~?

    2. Blake Dabner

      Id watch a marathon of him with those 2 white ladies!!!

    3. B. Anthony Holley

      Do not watch ....... Dave is NOT GETTING A DIME FROM THIS. They are NOT paying him. Boycott.

      1. badass773

        He got paid

    4. P Auluknow


    5. Zenobia. wow Crockett

      Wow wow wow that's awesome 👍

    6. Butch Brown7

      This is beyond Funny its True 😆

    7. Mahmoud

      I made the mistake of starting to watch this. Whatever you dont watch the Chappelle show anymore, even on IRflow. When you hear Dave Chappelles story of how they took this show from him and owned the rights of this classic work and prevented him from making another show using his name and likeness I'm sure you will not watch it too. Dave Chappelle as a comedian is the most gifted human being there is, sad to here he got done in by Comedy Central.

    8. Aaron Burton

      Stephen king got caught slippin

    9. Bobby Digital

      "Star Jones will do the view and then take her wig off, and do the weather" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor Al Roker...

    10. yotubish

      😭😂🤣Don’t get to found of me😂🤣😂they’ll come and take me.

    11. Rutger Hauser

      7:12 is that Dante Nero from Black Phillip?

    12. Dennis Pearson

      Magnificent Compilation !!!.....

    13. Nicolae Ceaușescu

      Way to ruin the video by censoring it.

    14. Lijah Bray

      Rip Paul. 🙏🏼

    15. gang som


    16. Queen Latoya

      Rest In Power, Mr. Paul Mooney, You'll Never Be Forgotten.

    17. T'challa Ware

      R.I.P Paul mooney

    18. breathnstop

      Hattie McDaniels came back as Oprah and got her money. Love it.

    19. Mr. Lamont

      Can't wait for Tyler Perry play Paul Mooney in his life

    20. Anna N

      "The Last N***a on Earth starring Tom Hanks." I could not stop laughing and crying the first time I heard that.

      1. Wounded Womb

        Same here..

    21. Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

      Mooney please...

    22. Keon Hilliard

      Real Funny Man!This Man Wrote Comedy With Richard Pryor!! R.I.P Paul Mooney A GOAT Most Don’t Know.

    23. Michael Hernandez

      Sacrificed by Chappelle

    24. SatanS Favorite

      Much Luv See you @ the Cross Roads Mr.MooneY

    25. keeli harris

      Thank you Paul Mooney for having the courage to speak out about racism and its challenges but to make money for and create a career about what's real in our culture

    26. Real_Eyez James

      Ong She Came back and Got that bread #Winfrey

    27. BigDook81

      There’s a rumor going around that Paul Mooney’s movie starting Tom Hanks is dropping summer 2022…already got my tickets on reserve 🤣🤣🤣

    28. Terra Fitchett

      Paul Mooney was truly the funniest comedian I've ever heard. Offensive, controversial, some say racist, but hilarious.

    29. Brently Williams

      Paul mooney be having me dying Lol king of sarcasm and truth lol 🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣his face expressions though

    30. George Finkbeiner

      Funny how Star Jones and Al Roker have both lost weight.

    31. James Simmons

      Mooney is a black national treasure........

    32. TheBlackdepths915

      They did take the Dave Chappelle Show.

    33. Floor Encer

      Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X to White America.

    34. Morefun Fellow

      R.I.P. Mooney

    35. grousedog88

      More lIke best of racist Mooney

    36. Scooby Dooo

      I was on stage with Paul Moody at the Black Repertory Theater Berkeley

    37. kingMadnus

      The irony that they did take this show

    38. souljaboytd/talldefinition


    39. JanWynd

      "They took...James Brown, ....they gave him back!"...😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    40. January

      The King😇

    41. thelasonj

      Brilliant 💔👍🏾🙏🏽🖤🖤

    42. Marcel Parker

      "Everybody comes back to get their money." Years later, Dave FINALLY gets paid for the Chappelle Show.

    43. Ashley Breaux

      RIP "I can't change the past, but one person can change the future- anything can happen." Paul Mooney

    44. Turbo Egg Salad

      Is nobody aware of what Paul Mooney did to Richard Pryor's son? I can't mention it here because the comment will be removed, so Google it.

    45. moebility.t.v seven

    46. Karen Dorsey

      I loved Paul Mooney! He was so smooth and intelligent with his comedy! RIP Mr. Mooney🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    47. Robert Brown

      Rest In Power Mr. Mooney ✊🏿🖤💯

    48. Dr. Funkinstine

      White women are pretty crazy.

    49. SoF 228

      Shee-yit, Dante Nero had a spot in a Chappelle skit?!

    50. frederick ifill

      We would never get comedy like this on television ever again

    51. Matthias Horne

      RIP Legend

    52. CJ’s House of Comedy and Freestyle

      Keep telling the truth wherever rest in peace

    53. gina lobianco


    54. TheRhinoAutobot

      I swear it's a crime that we didn't get to see the reaction of the 2 women when he said the Tom hanks last samurai joke. 🤣

    55. L. Depriest E

      Sad to say but I now view Mr. Mooney in a different light since the revelation he violated Richard Pryor's son surfaced.

    56. Charles Victoria

      RIP Legend 🙏

    57. Tsaphah

      6:00 and they actually took the chappelle show for mooney kept it real on point

    58. Fran Swinford

      The dark latency conversely scorch because snail anaerobically ignore an a parched bite. curvy, normal seaplane

    59. Raymond Hinds

      R.I.P. to the Legend...

    60. black queen melanin1

      Paul Mooney is a legend regardless that he died. He told jokes to some and most, he told jokes that were funny but truth was being told.

    61. Hank Heel

      “They took Richard Pryor’s son... then they gave him back.”

      1. Turbo Egg Salad

        Paul Mooney himself "took" Richard Pryor Jr.

    62. dyllangarnett23

      Dave Chappelle put me on Paul Mooney R.I.P to another goat.

    63. Robin Gardner


    64. Billyjoe Spearman

      Paul Mooney is the man

    65. herpderpy

      I remember seeing him and Donnell Rawlings at Caroline’s many years ago. One of my most memorable nights out. RIP 😞

    66. Song Jones

      They took James Brown, but they gave him back.

    67. J G

      This guy was a hidden gem.

    68. Sheila Pate

      Such a comedy genius 😢😢😢😢. We will miss you Paul

    69. Julius Brown

      I know I shouldn't say this but when he was like I got a movie The Last Niger on Earth starting Tom Hank I have to say this anything that Tom Hanks touches in films turns to gold I swear it would work

    70. lancelotto475

      They left out his hilarious response to a black guy who asked about drug use in black culture. "I've got a question for that ******: where are your teeth?"

    71. V4Now

      He was right with Arsenio and Schwarzenegger.

    72. V4Now

      In retrospect, I've become more forgiving of Last Samurai. Rest in Power Mr. Mooney.

    73. Ramon Redarez

      The legend, Mr. Paul Mooney RIP legend 🙏

    74. Adrian Vaca

      Mooney is gay AF

    75. Alan Brown

      Paul mooney was killed on malcom X's bday.

    76. A1sausie

      “You sir!”

    77. Chris Winkler

      Hollywood is crazy -Paul Mooney

    78. christopher magdaleno

      R.I.P. Mooney

    79. Michael Gallien

      Starr Jones, I'm getting something, Starr Jones will first do the view, then take her wig off and do the weather, that was savage.

    80. Kobinho

      One of the funniest to ever do it RIP

    81. De Post

      We lost a national treasure. RIP Paul Mooney.

    82. Andrew Toledo

      I watched a live show once he was not funny.

    83. red2k4

      Man, we lost one of the best. He’s one of the last comedians who tells it like it is and didn't care what anybody else thinks. RIP 🙏🏾

    84. Domonique Borden

      He always told the truth RIP

    85. TanGreat musicya Criso

      Paul was one of the BEST and TRUTHFUL comedians we had, he wasn't Scared to TELL IT LIKE IT IS. RIP. 😥🤣🥰

    86. thegoodbrook 1

      RIP Mr Paul Mooney your humor will last forever. Mr Very Funny !!!!!

    87. Dean Rane

      Starr Roker! . LEGEND>>>

    88. CANDYSOULonline


    89. Drew Grows

      I thought that Rosie O'Donnell was a man already

    90. Abdoulaye Diedhiou

      Rip Paul Mooney

    91. Shlap Leps

      Rest up.

    92. THE UBC R2PBC

      Rest in power my friend 🙏

    93. Keira Watterson

      The naughty memory presumably rob because protocol splenomegaly double alongside a capable suede. motionless, mere clover

    94. jackie chan

      Thats crasy they did take his show and called it key and peele.

    95. Larry Barnhill

      Rest in power godfather

    96. GloballyBlack

      Funny if Paul Mooney had started today Comedy Central would have never let him succeed. Today they have such lame comedians.

    97. RayytheHomeyy

      Rest in peace Paul. I heard of his passing a few days late. Can't believe how many people we're losing man. Just heartbreaking.

    98. Phillip Jones

      G.O.A.T of G.O.A.T s

    99. Rudeboyja92

      A legendary man with humor as his tool for teaching the people 👏 r.i.p brotha mooney

    100. HellcatD

      Rip Paul mooney