History Lessons - Chappelle’s Show

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    Chappelle’s Show made history come alive. (Contains strong language.)

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    About Chappelle’s Show:
    It’s not just a show - it’s a social phenomenon. Dave Chappelle’s singular point of view is unleashed through a combination of stand-up bits and street-smart sketches. Hailed by critics and beloved by fans, Chappelle’s Show brings the funk and the noise - and some of the funniest comedy on television.

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    1. Joe

      Dave is The fn goat!


      I put a dislike on this, until you give Dave his money !!!!!!

    3. Mass Debater

      Ey! Ey dawg ey!

    4. 21 THALEGEND


    5. PatriciaNSimon Telles

      Wait! Was that David Ruffin??? 14:15.


      Dave said we boycott this

    7. LEO LOYELEi

      Charley Murphy is underrated

    8. Wib Bell

      The civil war took place on American soil

    9. tupac shakur

      This is wack

    10. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

      Y'all kneed to kook up kokane wif b'king soda. P.S. ppprrrrrr

    11. Lady DD

      Epic. Charlie

    12. sanonboi

      The Chappelle show was so funny and entertaining.

    13. sanonboi


    14. Torment Sanction

      The cops showed up 4 hours later and he still got arrested. 💀😂

    15. Torment Sanction

      Him stepping on the Nike’s started a war lol.

    16. _

      great start to a day.

    17. T C

      Lol In a way, he predicted the me too movement, in an analogy like manner 😂😂😂. Most Def, flatline me in these Chappelle show skits.

    18. Alexx S.

      chapelle is comedy genious

    19. Ruben Melendez

      Cornroll Wallece first drill music video

    20. Stephon Davis

      "Aye dog Aye"😂

    21. Con Man

      "Cacadookie" Daaaaaayum 🤣🤣🤣

      1. gabriel castellanos

        And the stinky stinky

    22. jball2ktv

      'My brothers and sisters we are gathered here today to discuss the matters of the cock-a-dookie out of the stanky stanky" 😂😂🤣

    23. Azariah Sigh

      that satisfying moment when the thumbs up go from 999 to 1k

    24. Pathmila Kushantha

      Man I Fu©ed Up😂

    25. Indo Ville TV

      Comedy central needs to pay this man for using his material

    26. MrOuchiez

      Cyrus Holloway lookin like JB Smoove.

    27. Eddie Barnum


    28. Anna smith

      "Shhh they coming"😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    29. Ryan Conn


    30. Bron Knows Best

      for those wondering, yes dave has the rights to his show - so we don't have to boycott anymore lol but he won't see a penny from this b/c it's on comedy centrals youtube channel

      1. lomelyo

        Streaming rights include IRflow.

      2. Alex Gordillo

        When did he get those?

      3. Heet

        Tnx 👍i was just about to ask in comments

      4. Alisa B

        Thumbs up! Oh wait. Thumbs down.

    31. Harold Balczac

      Why is the video buffering so badly on the sketch about Cornrow?

    32. Corey C

      “I can make three or four more bags of that if you want sir”

    33. screwed936

      Truly makes you think while you laugh and also makes you think how it will be…… just remember it always come out brown.

    34. Reeffer Hemp

      GREATEST alone with Paul Mooney & Charlie Murphy😁😂🤣😭🎰🎨🎊🎉💗

    35. Suddenlylikemagic

      pay the man

    36. Sav Flacko

      Give Dave his money back

    37. Lamtitude

      Kit from Knight Rider being racist is perfect. 😂

    38. Kanishk Choudhary

      Mr Ed 🤣🤣



    40. Moses Props

      Lol that basically what the rappers doing now 😂😂😂

    41. Stinky Piece of Cheese

      😃 Tyrone Biggums

    42. Stinky Piece of Cheese

      Charlie Murphy made a lot of people laugh👌✌👍

    43. adetola Lawal

      Dave is simply the best... Can't stop laughing...

    44. Jayy Damour

      Charlie really imitated jessy Jackson

    45. Leevids_

      If you let kids watch this they will believe all of it😁 now add it to the school subject

    46. shikigami78

      This video will not load on playstation app lol

    47. ButcherofRagol

      Maaan, I really want to watch this, but does Dave Chappelle approve? Is he getting paid for this?

    48. Jude Raj

      GOLD!!!!!!ABSOLUTE GOLD!!!

    49. jtcone


    50. Cj Acree

      Have you paid him... 😳

    51. Oladipupo Ajabi

      This guys were geniuses

      1. Sweet J

        Well said

    52. Damian

      Pay him his money

      1. Neg Ative

        They did like two months ago. Where have you been?

    53. RagnaPork

      "Uu Ohhh, Ah ah, Uu Ohhh, Prrr". Lol, Mos Def's bird call cracks me up each time i hear it!

    54. Hilko van Walraven

      has Dave reached an agreement with CC? or does he still wants us to boycot this

      1. Sweet J

        Just watch it

      2. V4Now

        He got his money now Enjoy.👍🏾

    55. nikola lazic


    56. Noble Victory

      (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥ He's absolutely brilliant. My favorite twisted comedic genius! 🤣

    57. nikola lazic

      Unsubscribe from comedy central

      1. Neg Ative

        Why? They paid Dave like two months ago.

    58. nikola lazic

      Dave wants us to not watch comedy central. You need to see his video on the Comedy channel

    59. Augusto O.R

      Ok lets settle this, who’s funnier Dave Chapelle or Amy Schumer?

      1. Amy Victoria

        If you just wanted an excuse to bash the woman you hardly need to do all this🤦🤦🤣🤣

      2. Johnny Herrera

        @Michael Gallien 😂😂😂

      3. Michael Gallien

        Amy who?

      4. hocine

        dave Chapelle and who??

      5. Johnny Herrera

        😒 Dave duh

    60. neil panasare

      The best

    61. Jemarius Jackson

      Aww man, I love Dave Chappelle and his show was funny. The gang skit on the video was my favorite lol

      1. HeLL LoW

        Comedy Central did him wrong.

    62. sca fé

      Rip Charlie Murphy

    63. Eugene Lychany

      Is it me or the guy at 6:25 looks like Russell Adler from Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

    64. Captain Crunch


    65. Frosty theHoeman

      Dave Chapelle is def my favorite comedian

    66. Zo Valentine

      Dave if-it-aint-funny-it-aint-healed Chappelle 💖

    67. Intravenous DMT

      I lost it when the choir came in 😂

      1. Victor Tshoba

        Intravenous DMT Down by the riverside

    68. Mary Chhakchhuak


    69. KoolHeat1

      Sloppy slippers

    70. Evan Bragin


    71. Umid Hasanov

      Matters of the stinky stinky!!!

    72. Prod. By YungKyngCelo

      Water ain't real

    73. Osman Abdi

      This guy is funny

      1. Robin Soto

        Funny? He is a legend

    74. Tyler Hackner

      Love Chapelle

    75. SukMyDuck