The Drunk Catwalk and More of the Best of Clementine - RENO 911!

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    Deputy Clementine Johnson offers wisdom, directs a drunk catwalk, and more.

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    About RENO 911!:
    The brave men and women of the Reno Sheriff's Department give you the 411 on the thin khaki line that keeps Reno, Nevada, on the straight and narrow. Led by Lt. Jim Dangle, the officers of RENO 911! attempt to keep the streets safe - mainly from themselves.

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    1. samson rene

      I just found my new favorite show. I’m DD loving it.

    2. Spagett!

      "It's non-alcoholic beer." The look on her face was priceless 😂

    3. Divine* Feminine

      I wish this show was still on! So many great characters and love Clementine! Never watched the Goldbergs tho!

    4. IVAN BELL


    5. Pamela Monks

      She was my favorite.

    6. Wuusaaa


    7. Atlas King

      Get the feeling Clementine was fun in bed?

    8. JackedHuged Man

      alphabet backwards? I can't even do that sober feelsbad

    9. Michael Johnson

      Mrs Goldberg 😳😳😳

    10. Max Headrom

      Before Auto-Tune there was the Magical Harmonica!

    11. Scott Imo

      Mmhmm clementine

    12. espo espo

      First time I saw this show I thought it was another COPS. By the 3rd episode I got it. I'm from France so it didn't click right away.

      1. Active Channel

        Yeah - French cops are very similar to the cops portrayed on this show.

    13. Mr. XYZ

      missed out the lotto one

    14. Doug G

      This show was so we'll produced

    15. caribman10

      Wendy's got a hurtin' body on her....

    16. Country Girl

      Cant see her without thinking of the goldbergs now 😄 this woman is comedic GOLD

      1. alix caffray

        wendy mclendon covey shes always funny no matter who shes playing !!

      2. Sarah F. Clark

        @Anna smith it’s still on...

      3. Anna smith

        @Geo Rell it's her most recent show she stars on. She plays the mother (Beverley) of the director Adams Goldberg. It's a sitcom that came out in 2016-2017.

      4. Anna smith

        Yes I was just about to say that

      5. Geo Rell

        Whats the goldbergs?

    17. matt k

      Every clip of Clementine is a "best of"

    18. ChuyIsTheShiz

      This is gold.

    19. Yuri Boyka

      Z-A backward recital was remarkable 👏

    20. Justine A

      I loved this show growing up.

    21. Melinda Cryder

      The outstanding sycamore plausibly exercise because lynx incidentally heap worth a electric editorial. tidy, enthusiastic hood

    22. Sanora Goins

      Libra tings


      I've been looking for this best of for years

    24. Fandi Imanda Himawan

      What did she mean by “popping penicillin before having multiple encounters” ?

      1. A little darling with a big story

        The penicillin is supposed to prevent any diseases since she doesn't know what the people who she's sleeping with might have

    25. Andre 2001

      love the law

    26. mandalor-83 1

      "Step bump" guy shoulda got a pass he worked too hard 😂😂😂

    27. faithbassed49

      The prayer scene was hilarious! Clem is a gem!

    28. Lahaina Morales

      Lord set them on fire...with fiery syphilis 🤣🤣

    29. Jon Via

      i loved her character. Thicc, blonde, and hilarious.

    30. V M

      Step BUMP Step BUMP BUMP

      1. Lou Sensei

        Hot tubs all around👏

    31. Dr.iDAREu

      the dancing cowboy!

    32. John Sadler

      mask mandates are bull 4q not aBIDENING

    33. Jawa 2

      Mmmmm the "gush" aka wap

    34. Puppet Master

      🎶"Step, bump, step bump bump"🎶🤣

      1. Puppet Master

        @Mark Howard That is pretty cool 🤓I didn't even notice! 😉 😁😅

      2. Mark Howard

        Hahaha your name hahaha and that saying go together so well!

    35. bam Steiner

      Dang I miss this show, why did they stop making Reno 911... 🤬 They don't make show's like this anymore!!

      1. Jon Deforge

        There streaming for free on the Roku Channel. You could download their app and watch for free.

      2. Phil B

        @bam Steiner Quibi. They’re worth it.

      3. bam Steiner

        @D B they're on some app I believe, it's shorts mixed with old clips if I'm not mistaking.

      4. D B

        There's like two new seasons that came out in the past couple years

    36. Dan Vee

      Comedy Central shows South Park (brilliant) but broadcasts MSNBC commercials. Phack you losers.

    37. Alethia Armstrong

      Best show. The whole dang Cast was lit🤣🤣🤣

    38. Jim Settecase

      Hysterical! Classic bits. I especially love the dance move one.

      1. Kajin's Autumn

        Somebody posted it on face book and you would not believe how many people thought it was real!

    39. Josh Plouffe

      miss this show

      1. Jon Deforge

        The newest season is currently streaming for free on the Roku Channel. You could download their free app and watch.

    40. Derek lacey

      So funny!!

    41. Nabil H.

      Oh Clementine is the hottest chick in my dreams..... My fantasy...

    42. sanonboi

      Oh oh how I miss the oldder days. 🤣

    43. Ryan Barjam

      she would get smashed, hulk smashed!!!!

    44. Name


    45. thatDonOguy

      "How many fingers I'm holding up?" ....bra.... Killer!

      1. Sean B

        Does that include thumbs? Yes. Then several.

    46. TV Title Champion

      This is a funny lady

    47. Hondo The Honda

      She’s so hot

    48. MGeKa aja

      Clemmy. #StepBumpBump

    49. MrMegaGamerMan

      What Beverly Goldberg did after her kids left the house



    50. Chungus the 3rd

      3:10 got me goin crazy 🤤🤤

    51. Allison Young

      Clemmie is my gurl!🤣What a choreographer!! Hitch kick, step ball change...!😊💃

    52. John Rife

      Clementine can get it straight up.

      1. Lou Sensei


    53. Jonathan Perry

      Also there's a IRflow video about how to do the alphabet backwards really easily. The thing is if you learn it don't sing it if you're in that situation

    54. Jonathan Perry

      One of the most underrated shows ever!

      1. Jonathan Perry

        @Veavictis Asmadi yeah the ending with Terri was hilarious. He really should have made that album in real life🤣😂🤣

      2. Veavictis Asmadi

        The movie wasn't bad either

      3. Æzra El

        Criminally underrated... If you will

      4. michael mcmullen


      5. Deetrix Reed

        Well at least it cost them (next to) nothing to make it. Being all improv.

    55. Yummy Food Secrets


    56. Blazyn


    57. Max Frost

      Trudy speaking to the blind judge like he’s deaf lol

    58. Razor Rich

      “…’s like using con-doms or popping a penicillin before you have multiple encounters….. you know, safety, yeah.” -Deputy Clementine. _lololololololololololo_

    59. Ariel Perez

      This is too funny!! She's a mess but the first video clip had me rewinding for 20 mins crying of laughter silently on the train because I would be too loud EVERYTIME I played it back and laughed louder and louder like it was the first time FML 😅😂😆

    60. Alola Z


    61. Shoaleh

      Isn’t that Jamie from progressive?

    62. firstname lastname

      This could have been like 20 mins longer!!! 😆😆😆😆

    63. firstname lastname

      It's crazy to look back at all the guest appearances!!! 🖤🖤

    64. tracerit

      More like "the breast of Clementine"

    65. Tyler Hackner


    66. Cool TA

      Officer Boobage is alright huh... 🤠

    67. Tyler Hackner


    68. YUNG Rilla

      So effin funny... I love her....

    69. L Daimyo

      One of my favorite episode