Is This Joke Offensive? - The Trevor Moore Show

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    Trevor Moore reads a catfish conversation and explores the line between offensive and inoffensive jokes with Blair Socci, Sam Brown, Tone Bell, Mark Agee, and Adam Small.

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    1. Adonis Makes Hits

      I'm a 28 year old black dude. and all I know is I need more WKYK

    2. augusts1

      Hysterical. The bleepage alone was awesome!

    3. Dr0B0tNick Gaming

      Sam looks more and more like BTK every time I see him

    4. TeamGlobalhawk

      This is super funny, we need more of this type of content!

    5. Consequences

      Love how Trevor pretends his catfishing escapades were done by the show's writers

    6. Tyler VanOrman

      Awesome Show again boys!!! I would live to help out with the "Veteran Humor " episode.

    7. Michael Pass

      Pure. Distilled. Comedy. Bravo.

    8. Lima Beats

      It was definitely an Indian guy

    9. Lon Reed

      Blair is very attractive to me.

    10. John White

      Just happy to see some of my favorite boys working again.

    11. Snarklepuss Jenkins


    12. Benjamin Barber

      Why does that lady sound like a 13 year old girl?

    13. Alphabet Soup

      Hey another comment is never tacky right? Can next week's guest be the motorcycle mamas?

    14. Alphabet Soup

      I haven't laughed so hard In a while. This was great. This is probably the most original thing I've seen on IRflow in so long. I watched all the old episodes back to back I love it. How do the producers feel about graping and radiators?

    15. Mr. Meltdown

      Blair walks that weird line between hot and annoying so well.

    16. Nate Schaefer

      What’s the point of having a segment that is going to have jokes that are mostly beeped out? There is no entertainment value or comedic value in hearing 3/4 of a bit bleeped out.

    17. Dirtyy Merlin

      yay Blair!

    18. jesse spence

      If you have to ask if you can do something or that its too offensive you are denying the funny -_-

    19. Red Philips

      Just a couple minutes in. Loving it!

    20. sexywheels07

      19:26 this has to be the best Segway of the whole episode could be the funniest part or joke but I think when she laughed and had no clue what she was laughing at and then was explaining how she didn't know what you was laughing at was way funnier to me

    21. Jimbodawg

      I thoroughly enjoyed this. Please don't can this show!

    22. Josh Wheaton

      The last thing I want in comedy is this big focus on "is it offensive?" I literally do not care. Some jokes are offensive but funny anyway. "Race War" was one of the best WKUK sketches.

    23. Karma M

      When did y'all film this? Blair says she's 23 then says she was born in 96. Im 25 and born in 96 👀 & only 1 week old video . Either she's fibbing or bad at math.

    24. Tim Strawberries

      Cancel Trevor Noah!!!!!!!!

    25. Tim Strawberries

      Her voice is wicked hot

    26. Andrew Macias

      the best thing about this show is trevor's "parents" yelling at him to stop

      1. Andrew Macias

        this is hilarious

    27. Uncle Ben

      there's a difference between distasteful and offensive

    28. Jayson Knight

      F CC. It’s been three years since I gave up cable. Cc kept it going for a while. Chick literally got offended in the first minute 🙄

    29. SebastianSux

      6:30 "jackpot"

    30. Specks

      So just curious where can i get that song in the beginning?

    31. Stellar2Blue


    32. Wade Reuty

      That's a phone with idk, like a Jack Dempsey head coming out of it, NOT A CATFISH!!!

    33. GiGi Alien

      I like how after a year or so of just letting it fly after years on twitch, they're enjoying the censorship of a network show

    34. Trey

      This is a brilliant episode of a show

    35. balr0gath snow

      emoticons? boomer much?

    36. Anthony Jacob

      Sam’s rolled ankle really stole the show

    37. Chris Damien

      Wooooah, my parrot won't say a hard "r" either.

    38. Tanooki Usagi

      #TrevorMoore, I remember you once said in a skit from the WKUK that “comedy is tragedy remembered”

    39. C. Landon Mills


    40. KeefChurchill

      Trevor still safe in a secured sound studio! Isn’t technology wonderful!

    41. Picasso Dular

      I laughed so hard

    42. Lilitu

      I need more of the horrible jokes segment

    43. Double D Ton

      Sam looks exactly like my dad from 20 years ago

    44. SomethingElse

      The graphics people have not seen a catfish before apparently.

    45. Jeff Allen

      I kept waiting for the catfished guy to ask for pictures of bobs and vagene.

    46. Dan Villalba

      Glad to see Trevor, Sam, and Darren all on the same show together.

    47. Triple Decker Supreme

      Trevor Moore is Comedy Central's last chance to keep its name intact

    48. iGame3D

      That coffee table looks like it's going to collapse. Also you should reproduce Whitest Kids You Know with german comedians: Reichest Kids You Know that Adolph raps skit will be huge with actual German language, like Falco's Rock Me Amadeus and NIna's 99 Luft Baloons...and the Race War German...can you imagine, with a black and white film grain filter and 33 frames per second film speed for authenticity.

    49. drkinferno72

      About time

    50. SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus

      “Hi! Welcome to The Trevor Moore Show! *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-14 minutes later-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* and that’s the show!”

    51. SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus

      When Trevor still had that 7 beard.

    52. Jell0zz

      True comedic gold in a time of darkness

    53. Lifeisoverated

      I was DYING by the end of this episode. Ty, and I'd like Moore plz.

    54. Calum Universe

      This is exactly the kind of laughs I needed right now. I wish I had time to immediately watch the next episode, but I'm at work and have to do work stuff now. Thank you for your minds and senses of humor, Trevor, Sam, Blair, Tone, Mark, and Adam~

    55. RJ Wohlman

      Glad I stuck around for the last bit. That was worth it.

    56. Jules Sompayrac

      First time I've watched comedy central since Trevor Moore was here with Sam last.

    57. Jules Sompayrac

      Channel west coast looking rough.

    58. Jules Sompayrac

      This is like the way out of shape version of rob Dyrdeks show but way better at the same time.

    59. Sir Spenc'r DaKing

      Sam the stand up was hilarious LOL

    60. Sir Spenc'r DaKing

      we need another 24hr show :P

    61. Dan

      I wish they would just do comedy and forget about being offensive.

    62. Ardoron Ro

      This is almost as funny as Wheel....................... of Money.

    63. Mr. M

      I thought i heard that comedy central was trying to switch to all animated programming

    64. Western Gopnik

      I loved it

    65. bengjie Perez

      LOVE THIS!

    66. Mark Eugene

      I’m so happy this show is back

    67. Commander Necroth

      I actually really liked this!!

    68. rachzo

      i thoroughtly enjoyed this.

    69. Teonyi

      The censored joke bit reminded me of Craig Ferguson arguing with his censors

    70. Tellis Varda

      HOw do i watch on not video while i have earbud at work?"

    71. Karl

      hill areas

    72. dogchaser520

      The US vs Billie Holiday? Nice one, I love Billie Holiday. Narco sting against her? Didn't she have enough problems? Wasn't she one of the performers who had to go through the service entrance at a venue before she could perform in front of a "glorious white master race" audience because of the color of her skin?

    73. Jordan Kapp


    74. Casey Roush

      New idea for the title: "Making Comedians Uncomfortable".

    75. Spenser E

      This is fantastic! More episodes please!

    76. RobertoShery

      That tip is also how Soviet film directors were sometimes trading with the censorship, makes you thonk

    77. Lucas Sousa

      This is pure gold

    78. Arick West

      Is that the guy from the whitest kids you know?

    79. JR B


    80. Armando the wanderer

      The joke about the animals being mostly 3 or younger makes me two types of pervert is golden

    81. Sexyninjahat

      Thank you for bringing this back I love it

    82. SWM

      i have not seen this guy since the whitest kids man LOL

    83. RubelliteFae

      I've been waiting for this to come back!!!

    84. Brownsfan 35


    85. ThePoopMan


    86. BrandEver

      This is great, Hope it's uncensored somewhere

    87. B.K.

      The guy is so not funny

    88. scurus11scurus

      They should do a whole other called “What We Can’t Make A Show About”

    89. Mick E. Ficks

      I'll admit it took me a second. Clever!

    90. Billyion

      I want many more episodes of this. You guy's deserve this and so much more.

    91. larry Padgett

      Is Sam brown the funny short, shorts wearing guy from Reno 911????

    92. James Foubister

      I laughed like three times! A new Comedy Central record!

    93. Ryan Goodcase

      I feel like Trevor forget the conceit of the "ghosting" bit. Ghosting him after he asks "is there anything wrong with me?" is hilarous

    94. jameswoodsist

      is sams leg attached to him?

    95. Benjamin r

      Why dont you just be a twitch streamer?

    96. DeltaBlaZe77

      It's WKUK so I can't stop watching, but I don't understand what is happening. Granted I skipped the first 2 mins, which I fully recommend for this bit.

    97. Jake Follensbee

      The bleep segment killed me

    98. Brie C

      I wish I could subscribe to just this show and not the whole CC channel because I don't want to be flooded with updates I'm not interested in. Edit: no offense to Comedy Central

    99. ASAP Gamz

      Wait, are these the whitest kids I know?

    100. J P

      I want more of this.