Heidi Gardner Prank Calls a College Bookstore - Crank Yankers

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    A woman’s (Heidi Gardner) pageantry days go back to when she was crowned Miss Baby Texas.

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    1. E. jenima

      I wish this was the full clip. i saw this on Fox for the first time last weekend i think.

    2. shortycr89

      Crank Yankers was an era when CC had comedy on it.

    3. Muppet fan 77 show

      Cool puppet

    4. cginsane22

      You don't know MY daiddy!

    5. Jack Riley

      Love her!!

    6. Felicia T

      what was funny bout this?

      1. Dirrck Roberts

        Nothing at all it seems..

      2. Felicia T

        this must not be the full clip

    7. Bieassia Law

      I just knew that was Heidi’s voice 🥰

      1. MuffnMonster

        @Bieassia Law that's exactly what I was thinking when you commented you knew it was her voice, yay!!!

      2. Bieassia Law

        @MuffnMonster ... well congratulations to you! I’m so pleased that you can read

      3. MuffnMonster

        Yeah! Me too! When I read the title of the video and it said Heidi, I just knew it was Heidi

    8. mack

      Love this show is it on again

      1. Nexus2126


    9. Comical Realm Animations

      "Miss baby Texas"

    10. Antonio Alcala

      5th like some hennessy bihhh

    11. Tyler Hackner


    12. FatalGunpoint007


    13. DivinityMyThiiC


    14. Pman plays O