J.Lo Needs a New Hat (feat. Melissa Villaseñor) - Crank Yankers

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    J.Lo (Melissa Villaseñor) searches for a new hat.

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    1. GrandMastaChef

      I miss these so much!

    2. Kay Park

      HOOPS! 🇵🇷🇲🇽

    3. mafiosom@!

      "and ima Queen..."

    4. Ajunte Burns

      I use to watch crank Yankers at my grandmas nursing home. She's been gone 2 years now.

      1. Earl Leroy Bonaview the 3rd

        @Ajunte Burns thanks man. Sending prayers and positive vibes your way.

      2. Ajunte Burns

        @Earl Leroy Bonaview the 3rd how to true bro. I'm sorry for your loss as well

      3. Earl Leroy Bonaview the 3rd

        I'm sorry for your loss. My father unexpectedly passed away about a year ago. It's nice to have something to make you laugh.

    5. daut 43

      U like another comedy_silly_silence, try to this hmmm, its crazy hmmm

    6. トラファルガー・ロー

      Daison A LITTLE MORE

    7. Logan Cardone

      Everypart of this was funny af

    8. alfred oliver

      tj maxx has lay away hahahahahah

    9. alfred oliver


    10. Pedro FC

      Fedoras are back 😂😂

    11. Jonathan Perry

      Oh that's too bad he wasn't buying it.

    12. tigergreene

      I lost it when she reminded him for the 6th time that she's J-Lo.

    13. dmac2077

      I’m J Lo 😂😂😂😂

    14. Alucard Moon

      As a person Jennifer Lopez was very annoying this version of her is less annoying and more attractive but it's still Jennifer Lopez which is very annoying thumbs down

    15. ZOOM 15th


    16. Edward Mather

      It’s almost as if this is like..... 10 years late

    17. JiveDadson

      It would be (borderline) funny if the real J-Lo did it.

    18. doogie Five-Four

      This aint hittin like that old *Crank Yankers*

    19. Khuthadzo Tshisikule


    20. yo mama

      Corny af get better "comedians"

    21. Monky Dollqueen

      Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Control Freak. Con… OK, now you say, “Control Freak who?

    22. adh__d ominick

      I thought oh maybe she's only not funny on SNL. But nope, it's everywhere.

      1. Earl Leroy Bonaview the 3rd

        What a rude thing to say!

    23. hiszreina____

      Weak. Bring dave chapelle.

    24. Mehmet Pinarci

      utmost elegant bunt 1:58

    25. freshbux914

      Trash shes not funny get Wanda Sykes in please

      1. Kay Park

        Nah, I don’t think Melissa as Wanda Sykes would work here, like on AGT

      2. Ne01LnWolf69Twin85

        funny 2 me lol

    26. Alex Katz

      Crank Yankers coming back is like finding your favorite childhood action figure buried in a box of junk while you're cleaning to move out.

    27. Tyler Hackner


    28. Tyler Martin

      Sup 11th comment

    29. tori2dles

      The last pitch that hits A-Rod in the head. Ha! Great Job, Melissa! ❤️ the hat song!

    30. ghst777


    31. tori2dles

      What’s the name of that pitch?

      1. JiveDadson


    32. Tyler Hackner


    33. Comical Realm Animations

      That huge gap between the 2 watermelons is kinda hard to ignore

    34. DD


    35. FatalGunpoint007

      I love you thank ya 😎

    36. FatalGunpoint007


    37. Gen M


    38. Asiafnc