The Haunting (ft. Mary Beth Barone and Mia Khalifa) - Drag His Ass

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    Comedian and recovered fuckboy addict @Mary Beth Barone leads a rehabilitation program for fuckboys, “Drag His Ass." In this episode, she works with special guest @Mia K to tackle the case of Glenn, a habitual ghoster who can’t stop disappearing on women he’s slept with.

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    1. Cori Bailey

      Well this was fabulous. Hilarious. More videos of her lol immediately!!

    2. PHX2PDX

      I just remembered why I don't watch comedy central anymore

    3. mitonitro

      literal prostitus in a comedy show having the moral hight ground, yeahhh youtube is gonna become as possed as mainstream TV it seems

    4. gurharsh 58

      4:20 r/accidentallycommunist

    5. BigDook81

      Is comedy central trying to make her Tosh.O or something...cause I don't think it's gonna work out to well.

    6. sachi sreeraj

      I heard Mia Khalifa voice for the first time and im shook

    7. X Æ A-69 Prototype-1

      23k men One name MK

    8. AngryMonkeyification

      This is stalking with extra steps.

    9. No Name

      I never understood why Mia became a hit, I mean look at that face. D:|

    10. OmnipresntGaming

      Perfect example why women are not funny

      1. OmnipresntGaming

        @Farina7loves name 10

      2. Farina7loves

        There are so many funny women that exist, she's not one of them. Nobody goes around to dudes who aren't funny and go "this is an example of why men aren't funny".

    11. Ladylovespie 8

      Is there a reason why "The great Gatsby" and "The wolf of Wallstreet" were used... is it like a message about Leonardo DiCaprio? 😂

    12. Stacey Ann

      This comedy sketch is missing its comedy.

    13. Mike G

      Why not ask "why do men leave me"? Focus on yourself. Men aren't the problem.

    14. Indiana the 3rd

      I ghosted someone recently didn't do anything tho

    15. Lesedi Dikobe

      Seeing Mia here is like seeing a teacher outside of school.

      1. Cannibal Teddy

        And then finding out that she hates Jews...

    16. Baka Yoko

      Mia khalifa? Yup, me too buddy.

      1. Octavia Vang

        Yeah in your dreams chump

    17. SP Bling Records

      Nobody listen my music and sad to me 🥺

    18. Neil Friedlander

      Baronies unite ✌🏼✌🏼

    19. Kyle

      I don’t know what this is but I love it so much

    20. Banko Eli

      Way too funny

    21. Dev

      What has Comedy Central become? It’s like mtv now. Remember when there used to be funny shows on this Channel??

      1. Ceejay ThizzLink Rigmaiden

        This is a web series

    22. Latasha Rhone

      I want it to be "get off our grass" that's relationship goals

    23. John

      They can't even find a straight guy to participate in this show.

      1. Glennthekid

        Haha but he’s straight tho 😭

    24. Dan Vee

      Comedy Central shows South Park (brilliant) but broadcasts MSNBC commercials? Phack you losers.

    25. Paul Nelson

      Still waiting to find the laughs in this poorly concoction skit.

    26. Joey Micael

      Whatsup mia ! I still got your scene

    27. EMNstar

      The makeup artist didn't talk with the lighting guy ahead of time...

    28. Trozzen One

      Why does comedy central keep hiring people with the same lame idea for skits. Hire Shane Gillis and let him be funny

    29. Trozzen One

      Why is she meeting her gay friends family

      1. Glennthekid

        You should ask her 😭


      The wall takes mo prisoners

    31. Pedro

      8:30 The way they both sit in the coffin😂

    32. FunkE BunkE

      She's looking pretty rough..... eeeeek


        The wall takes no prisoners

    33. Glennthekid


    34. aleksander popov

      This is horrible, is this the world we now live in?!?

      1. Farina7loves

        You know you don't have to watch it correct? Also it's a "comedy show". You're being way too dramatic

      2. aleksander popov

        @Lepau ; now I did, dummie!

      3. Lepau ;

        Aaaaahhhh, did you like your own comment,dummie?

    35. Antarah Moody

      Alpha Male Strategies...SLEEZEBALL GANG Y'ALL!!!! DOWNVOTE

      1. Farina7loves

        Single moms is obviously the goal then.

    36. T-Welly121

      I'm sure we all know what flavor of "Internet Sweetie Pie" Mia is 😂

      1. T-Welly121

        @Richard Woodworth bruuuuuh! 🤣 Here: 🏆

      2. Richard Woodworth

        She’s a walking AD for Valtrex. Mia plan Bia!😏

      3. samson rene

        Hold on I’ll be back

      4. T-Welly121

        @B Bizzle A Cream Pie

      5. B Bizzle

        For the uneducated, what exactly is her flavor?

    37. buzz killington

      If i wanna see mia, ill open up my laptop.

      1. Loïc Labonne

        Just the laptop?

    38. Tony Hall

      @GLENNTHEKID !!! 😂

    39. chicagocubs10601

      Uhhhhh ok.... lame

    40. Daddies Zenengeya


    41. Aaron565

      sexist show

    42. Pharaoh Bubbles

      Im a simple man. I see Mia Khalifa, I click. Or tap

      1. J.r

        Isnt a click and a tap the same thing on a phone? Ijw

      2. Pharaoh Bubbles

        @Diantre Creagh I mean I guess I could but thats not what I was going for lol

      3. Diantre Creagh

        Or beat

    43. break things

      Gee, I wonder why no one wants to stick around this chick 😂 self awareness isn't her strong point

    44. Tyler Hackner


    45. æ


    46. Mr. Duggy


    47. Rollin Like Pirelli

      Keep it going

    48. Rollin Like Pirelli


    49. Rollin Like Pirelli


    50. Rollin Like Pirelli


    51. Midas Husken

      MIA KHALIFA!!!!

    52. Rollin Like Pirelli


    53. Itsjose 305


    54. Rollin Like Pirelli


      1. Stacie Mohler