The Property Brothers Perform Magic with Phoebe - Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson

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    The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, perform a construction-themed card trick with the help of Phoebe.

    About Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson:
    Host Phoebe Robinson explores a new career path every week with a different celebrity guest, from horseback riding with instructor Whitney Cummings to winetasting with expert Gabrielle Union.

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    1. Daddy Didnt

      Absolute trash.

    2. Doug Allred

      Did nobody wonder about the special board rigged to pop out the card

    3. Shawn Farquhar

      This was a ton of fun .. more magic with these three!

    4. #Free Palestine

      Now we know why Luis Suarez never been seen anymore with the Catalan... He's find a new stuff to bite yo 😆

    5. Dario Hope

      And they say Luis Suarez is finished ... Clearly not

    6. DashDrones


    7. Eugenio Fernando

      Luis Suárez keeps showing more skills and talents with the years. Amazing

    8. Tyler Hackner


    9. Sheza Abdul Latheef

      Am I the only person who didn’t know the property brothers did magic??

      1. Shawn Farquhar

        Jonathan used to do a full on illusion show when he lived in Maple Ridge, BC

      2. Sheza Abdul Latheef

        YES FxGroup bruh did u read the videos name?

      3. Shane Sanders

        Broooo I just said that

      4. Tony

        😂 I was like I Know this face..but from where? Property brothers .. thanks friend 👍

    10. Tyler Hackner


    11. MachoBOSSotron