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    @Hannah Stocking gives a tour of her new house that she definitely owns.

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 20 روز


    1. Damien Mc near

      Sharks machines Utah sharks machines Utah sharks machines Utah sharks machines Utah

    2. Arianna cat girl

      I love your video

    3. Fade Franke

      I don’t even have 5 Friends lo

    4. Search for New world's

      It's an air BNB house.....nice flex😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. Search for New world's

      Congrats girl😘😘😘😘

    6. Zahraa Hassan

      She deserves it

    7. Dini Diaz

      And cool house

    8. Dini Diaz

      Oof I am 1 week late

    9. Viana Lily

      😱 Aaaaaaaaaaaa Hannah

    10. Permihter Pelep

      So she talking bout Lele pons 😶

    11. Sun Sun


    12. Harveer Ghuman

      Hannah lie

    13. Abagail Carapella

      Just know I have a pool indoors to🤓😝😚🤚k

    14. Liam Brehmer

      It’s not her house

    15. brylie b.

      i remember this house off of roblox 😭

    16. Mr_awesomeBacon Yt

      I don’t have friends

    17. Debbie Hotaling

      For a little while I thought this was Bill Gates house 😂😂


      women are not funny. In fact, they're sad, very sad.

    19. aja monroe

      So she the hotel is her or not? Im fkg confuse 😭

    20. Alisa

      I hope you have fun

    21. Avetis palezyan

      she said share this to 69 friends ayoo

    22. LPS Kids

      I guess hard work really does pay off

    23. NIKZ AC

      now this is serious comedy 😂😂🤣

    24. Rob Gill

      This is a hotel I saw it before

    25. RaFiF ALM

      I actually thought it was her house at the beginning lol 😂😂

      1. James corrigan

        It’s not her house

      2. Fatimah Hj Edris

        What do you mean it's her house 🤔

      3. Meli

        It isn’t?

    26. abigel abigel

      Lol xD

    27. abigel abigel


    28. dont tripbot

      Why did you guys choose This cringe white girl who only does ig videos

    29. Jose Sosa

      That’s gonna take at least 5 Mexicans to clean the inside

    30. melih626

      wait she actually makes money with the garbage content she makes? damm really makes you realise how many people there are on this planet who still have the humor of a 10 year old

      1. Para Bellum

        The whole video is a joke, or at least it’s supposed to be. It’s not really her house, it’s a hotel and she’s pretending she owns it. It really isn’t very funny.

    31. Izzyplaysnova

      The thing is her friends do not know its no Her house its a hotel

    32. Ninzo Nix

      Don’t have any friends I only have twins

    33. Pey Pey

      But still cool

    34. Pey Pey

      That’s a hotel

    35. qwertyuiop

      That house is ridiculous.

    36. Paradise Stein

      Why so much hate?

    37. Sheldon Clarke

      😂 I love this girl

    38. Phyo Thant Kyaw

      Whatt the house is so so so cool ughhh what is super sick

    39. Haaave you met Ted

      Hannah Stocking is a comedian now? The bar is pretty low huh?

      1. Rebecca Salami

        I'm pretty sure she always was lol

    40. Sam Harrison

      I didn't want to believe them, but its true, comedy central is dead

    41. LRicky Mandujano

      By the way I disliked the video. Comedy not present.

    42. Timnor

      Tosh cancelled for this drivel?

    43. Among me YT!

      101 comment!

    44. Chloe Starr

      That is a hotel

    45. Cali9000

      WHY? OK...who's smoking up all the w**d over at CC?

    46. Bmanoftheworld

      Ceep doing what your doing

    47. Maroun Hajj

      This is a hotel

    48. goodial

      the concept is funny, the execution unfortunately did not do it for me. It was especially way too long for what it is ...

      1. YallAcceptEBT?

        Yea it was somewhere halfway between amateur and professional production, but the timing was way off.

    49. Jon Bowman

      interesting like-to-dislike ratio...

      1. Jon Bowman

        @Michael Lyndon it's a high ratio. You have to be able to divide numbers and also know what an average ratio is to understand my comment. Are you new to IRflow?

      2. Michael Lyndon

        In what way is more likes than dislikes interesting? 1.9k to 281

    50. Latos Rai

      Ohh nice parnk

    51. Turtle In the ocean

      I’ve watched her videos and I’ve already finished them all I don’t think I’m ever leaving this channel it’s so funny

    52. Sashi jamir Sashi jamir


    53. Hayden H

      This was very bad. I would say Comedy Central should be ashamed but this is honestly the level that they’ve stooped to.

    54. Cameron F

      This isn’t comedy and she’s the most talentless undeserving person for this. She’s not even a 10

      1. Rebecca Salami

        And who are you? She has talent and she is deserving of this . People know her name. Yet again people take time out of their just write something like this lol


      Lol its a hotel but why does it look haunted like I wouldn't wanna stay in there looking at the outside of it

    56. Spencer Hall

      Isn’t Comedy Central supposed to be comedic in some way?

      1. evan n

        hit or miss, depends on the person. hannah stocking is obviously not anybody's idea of a comedian or even like charismatic person, so this doesnt really work. but when they had someone like gus johnson doin stuff with them it was genuinely funny. again its on the personality

      2. Muhammad Fahmi

        It is now u just don't get it

    57. Jyotsna Bhaskar

      Hannah you are talking about 69 friends 🙈 i just have one 🥺🙈

      1. SUGC

        You have one ? I have none ,guess what! you are lucky to have that one friend which a people like me don't have , all we need is one great friend..

    58. Hannah Stocking

      hope you all love my new house 😂

      1. Phyo Thant Kyaw

        What i love it hannah

      2. Astronaut ASMR

        I loved it!!! Ignore the haters haters gonna hate cause they could never afford that kind of house ❤️

      3. jordan samson

        I'm dying lol

      4. jordan samson


      5. Latos Rai

        Haha crazy 😂

    59. Rock and Roy

      Who? I don't know these people and in less than 50 seconds I got annoyed. K bye.

    60. NightJR.inc


    61. Unii785

      This content belongs on nickelodeon

    62. Κυριακή Τσαλικιδου

      The tub from A quite place..... And now "A quite place 2" IS OUT

    63. DickButt


    64. Alena Vierra Allen

      Wow congrats 🍾 🎊

    65. Jose Ortega

      Ajajjajaj exelent

    66. Anthony Bullard

      Dude that kind of looks like the governor’s mansion in Atlanta!

    67. Nick

      ive never heard of this person before.

    68. Thomas Gurley

      Comedy Central. Of all people Hannah Stocking? Who’s next Lele Pons or Lily Singh?

      1. Rebecca Salami

        @Thomas Gurley and the internet is a horrible place. That involve ppl like you , so if you think I'm at the lowest demographic blah blah go ahead I could less, atleast I dont add to the hate.

      2. Rebecca Salami

        @dont tripbot umm who are you? I dont get offended by comments I just think like it's not really ur place to say anything rude , then again its ur opinion so I'm not stopping you from saying whatsoever so I could care less lol 2 vs 1 who's gonna win lol

      3. dont tripbot

        @Rebecca Salami shouldn't be on the internet if you get offended by comments 😂🤦🏻‍♀️you'll have a hard time if that's the case lol

      4. Thomas Gurley

        @Rebecca Salami nah this is the internet. Judging by the comments you must fit in the lowest common demographic they’re catering to.

      5. Rebecca Salami

        @Thomas Gurley ok well I disagree because everybody has there own opinions. If u ain't got nothing nice to say don't say it at all-. Moral of the story.

    69. itumeleng motsamai

      Hannah is the best😆❤

    70. Billy Zee

      Please help President Biden defeat the Trump virus by July 4! Get you and your family vaccinated today! Vaccines for children 12 and over have been approved!

    71. kenzo ken

      how is this funny 0_0

    72. Alexander Obi

      So much hate, pathetic 😂

    73. endlichdrin

      Who TF is Hannah Stockings?

      1. endlichdrin

        @Rebecca Salami I don't think I missed anything not knowing her.

    74. yellingatcows

      Aren't these people disgraced youtube frauds?! What are they doing on TV?


      she's hot and rich, and that makes people mad.

      1. risk

        You missed the point, people are criticizing her due being unfunny and cringe(y). - Explanation if you didn't somehow look at ¾ of the comment section's comments making it clear on how they don't find her sense of humour funny.

    76. yourdeadgrandpa1 sup

      Promissory notes

    77. subwaysurfer

      Too long funny videos are supposed to be short 👎👎👎

      1. risk

        Not true but she isnt funny

    78. Svtgm

      Guys that's my house actually, I'm famous on whatsapp

      1. Svtgm

        @y o u r_l o c a l _w e i r d o ok follow me on whatsapp, peace

      2. y o u r_l o c a l _w e i r d o

        and also im a girl

      3. y o u r_l o c a l _w e i r d o

        @Svtgm ok

      4. y o u r_l o c a l _w e i r d o

        @Svtgm bruh what do you mean "i worked so hard to get there"?

      5. Svtgm

        @y o u r_l o c a l _w e i r d o two likes for you one for me happy?

    79. DangerDub


    80. waxveasle

      Poor Comedy Central. What happened to you?

      1. priya gohil


    81. L V

      Funny equals LOUD

    82. Christian Morse

      Please give me my time back

    83. Brad Denney

      I haven't ever found anything she has done was funny, but there are people out there that do. They dont know funny. Proud of her for exploiting the least common denominators in society.

      1. risk

        @I OFFER YOU THIS u got ratio'd by 4 of the other replies

      2. John Phantom

        @Maxx They don't even get that the whole thing is scripted. None of this is real.

      3. creageous

        I watched the whole thing waiting for a laugh. It never came.

      4. Maxx

        Well we live in a overpopulated genz era where youtubers & tictok "comedians" think anything is funny .. A lot of soft dumb kids today but can't do nothing because they have the numbers and it's always going to be about views (money)

      5. John Phantom

        Yeah I have no idea why this is on CC. CC has gone so far down hill, I don't even really watch the Daily Show.

    84. NecroMeowcer

      trying a little to hard to connect with the kids most people hate this *comedian*

      1. Alien Alibi

        Barely classifies as a comedian since her vids are just copy and paste

    85. Wang Chung

      What is this unfunny dribble doing on CC?

    86. Rick Nash

      Not the right video to post in today's climate lol

    87. k mal

      Cringe af

      1. Harshini L


      2. k mal

        @Sam you too

      3. Sam

        like you

    88. ツoyaz


    89. pablo escabar jr ra ra

      Hannah stocking??? comedian??? Hmm..I guess I don't have a sense of humor cuz that was the furthest thing from any thing comedic

      1. Roxer boxer gaming

        Yea, you really don’t have a sense of humor.

    90. Elena Chiritescu

      This looks like a hotel! 🤣😂

    91. corbindalis

      She's supposed to be funny? FOH

    92. JeffDragon Magnetar

      This is great!

    93. Ria

      Literally what does she do🤔

      1. newthrash1221

        Make weird, quirky faces with terrible comedic timing.

      2. Rick Nash

        You can have this house to if only you had the genetics to look like her

    94. piyush kumar

      This is the same house filmed in namaste london

    95. a J

      The house everyone thinks they have.

      1. Hannah Stocking

        for sureeeee

    96. Zion Kimura

      Looks haunted

      1. Hannah Stocking


    97. I am prrrrr

      So now people making white house copies? New trend huh?

    98. RougeHunter19

      funny of u to assume i have that many friends

    99. StRaNge VOICE


    100. Reptilian Ash

      This is gonna be the guest house for Apes HODL right now

      1. Hannah Friedman

        Yes LOL 😝