Natasha Leggero’s Stupid Kid Got Hit with a Hockey Puck - Crank Yankers

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    Natasha Leggero is not about to sacrifice Brad Garrett’s autograph over her stupid kid’s injury.

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    1. Trent K

      Unsubscribing all annoying subs that only give a hair of the bush.. make a video or don't! stop click baiting in its tracks folks. Unsub the teasing

    2. Bruwh

      Why you copyright Steven He video for using his own face

    3. Arthur Fleck

      Love Natasha, but where’s the rest of the video?!

    4. 21 THALEGEND


      1. Jon Bowman

        they hung up immediately :P

    5. Joe Lillibridge

      If your going to post it put up the whole video!

    6. Priest Morrison

      .... Natasha is"Da SHYT!!"

    7. loveforeignaccents

      Mmm, okay then.

    8. Grant Trindle


    9. Dennis Fontanilla

      I miss this

    10. Bronx 718NYC

      Amazing videos thumbs up 👍 lol 😂

    11. Tubby Montana



      Crank yankers but with white people not funny.

    13. Jonathan Perry

      Put out the whole video

    14. NE insta reels TV


    15. TereGeet MereSur


    16. Chris P Bacon

      This is ripping of "awkward puppets"

      1. bio bagholder

        crank yankers was first released in 2002

    17. Nicole Freeman


    18. Abdiqani Maxamuud