A Device That Will Keep Track of Your Lies (ft. Hannah Stocking)

Comedy Central

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    The truth hurts. Fibit helps. Ft. @Hannah Stocking .

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    1. Hannah Stocking

      Who knows someone that needs this?? 💀💀

      1. Mqddie Lolz


      2. ᴊᴇʟssιᴀ ᴘʟᴀʏᴢ


      3. Comedy Central


      4. Iron mat


    2. The Pronoun I

      My ex needs one of these.

    3. Stephanie Taffanelli

      hi my a bib fan

    4. Emmanuel Daniel

      Hannah is always amazing 🤗

    5. Myra Murallon

      I want one 🤣

    6. salama A

      I hear voice the boss from metal gear 3 Is that she ?

    7. Michael Wass

      How far as Comedy Central sunk to have Hannah stocking have anything to do with them?

    8. Tommy bekky

      Yo I can never forget the great thing you have done in my life webchink on telegram no regret dealing with him

    9. Mike Hess

      I loved this if only they had one to keep track of lies people tell you...like, you can be anything you want to be (lie +1)

    10. Krαzy 8

      Honestly where can i buy fibit?

    11. Robert Pilla

      The Pen Flip at 1:32 is insane

    12. Taryn Tots

      I think even people who consider themselves to be really honest still tell little white lies more often then they realize or just people in general. It would be interesting if there was a way to track how often you lied.

    13. Taryn Tots

      I know someone who always says I'm not gonna lie before giving their opinion on something. I wonder if that means everything else he says is a lie?!? 🤔

      1. Averyrandomllama

        I'm not gonna lie, that is concerning...

    14. Apfel Mann

      Garbage video, where are the real funny ppl ?

    15. Apple Apple


    16. Elijah Andrews

      0:30 this Chuck REALLY doesn’t know how to play pool (or be funny, but that’s a different story).

    17. N D


    18. leniel dela torre

      who works that app WashPost?they record Trump's lies and that number's still going up

    19. JRockGlammy

      We need to have Congress where those lol

    20. Claud Reindl

      Many politicians already have fibit, nothing new here.

    21. Iron mat

      Gimme gimme! I wanna get a fibit

    22. Inkosi Owtlaw 6

      I didn't laugh even once. 🥱

    23. HeadHunter94

      Do lies count if you think it's true?

    24. FoNgThOnG

      Comedy Central must be running out of comedians if they got hannah stocking.

      1. Liam Carlson

        I know right

    25. Xeno_SZNO

      I wish this was real 💀

    26. Eagle Eye Mind

      Dang this was pretty bad

    27. Chris Rogers

      "nearest mole removal surgery"

    28. pacolli

      the weezer bit lol

    29. Vazeer Khan

      Do you really have to go to candana every weekend You have two Children with your second Wife. Lol😂 😂😂

    30. Aztec Jaguar

      I thought comedy central was supposed to be funny?

    31. Matthew McCann

      A must have for Americans! So many lies, so little memory.

    32. Richie Cuna


    33. Immanuel Iggi

      Hannah ❤

    34. C S

      hello everyone

      1. Tori დღ

        Hi 😃


      She needs to be on between two ferns Zach will take of her

    36. Geoff T.

      Enjoying this skit before SNL steals it and somehow makes it unfunny

      1. Pastor baner

        It's already unfunny

      2. Billy Bluecheese

        So they really do be stealing skits huh?, I’ve heard that a few times before

    37. JiveDadson

      I won't lie. I only stay subscribed to make sparky comments and down-vote.


      Really comedy central? Let's hire the joke of the internet. Someone that's only known for being so unfunny, it's cringe. Need proof this company is dead? Exhibit A

    39. Dacy Karena

      0:43 voz.fyi

    40. Nick Candreva

      "Not all lies are spoken" - Poetry

    41. Александр Анархире

      Jim Carrey doesn't need one.

    42. Jawa 2

      Pretty cool seeing Hannah on comedy central. Shes beautiful, but also funny......maybe a sweeter sarah silverman

      1. Manal Khalid

        If Her sense of humor was a type of Breakfast food, It would be porridge.

    43. Zo Valentine


    44. LegendaryPO

      I didn't know Hannah would come so low till this point....😭

    45. æ


    46. Eric Peterson

      Cmon CC 😭

    47. Tech Halt

      when will this end

      1. Eric Peterson

        It wont ☹️

    48. Dimond girl

      If only Fitbit actually existed

      1. Zo Valentine

        Watch The Behavior Panel 🔍🔬🔎

      2. Zo Valentine

        Summon intuition 😏

      3. Zo Valentine

        Summon the third eye👁

    49. DEVIL WOLF

      That device would explode upon touching my skin ಠಗಠ

    50. NOOBxHOUND

      No 2