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    1. Regina Gerald Drake

      I'm rich

    2. DrLeroyGreen

      "Chuck Taylor" all by itself is a laugh!

    3. Luke Camacho

      When the world needed him the most. . . He vanish. . . Please come back Dave ohhh ohhhh the horror ,THE HOrROr !


      This was ahead of its time!..still watching I'm 2021

    5. M J

      Anyone ever catch it’s spelled Mace Windu not Windua

    6. M J

      Lol did the Mexicans get money too... no mames

    7. Colton Malaikal


    8. Jarred Perry

      "Oil dropped to $1 a barrel" makes me yearn.


      1:30 They want you to believe that they think that this is how we going to act.. trust me if this is how they really thought we were going to act when we got our reparations they would have given it to us a long time ago.. they are scared they're we're going to invest it Into building up black communities that's why we haven't gotten it..

    10. Jamarcus Burks

      Dave Chappelle predicted s stimulus checks 😂😂


      🤣😂🤣😂 im Mexican that joke funny asfuck!!! DAVE CHAPELLE👑

    12. Tutarras, Tutoriales en guitarra

      TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN, comedy central stole it !!! TAKE IT DOWN.

      1. JefJef Amores

        Dave already got his license to this show back...

    13. Rudster14

      The problem is that if a white supremacist made this sketch it would probably be the same

    14. Samuel Jensen

      Kinda hard to find this funny. Considering the obvious thing white folks can't do with their face.

    15. younes khouloud

      you look like you just walked up from ground zero

    16. Hold The Truth Hostage

      The Jedi is so accurate today M2 incident

    17. Destiny Jamison

      “ yoda that was not “ ☠️🤣😂

    18. GeeGee Denm

      Paul Mooney Rest in Power!!!!

    19. C S

      pay chappelle

    20. PeterDeko86

      In today's world, it's life imitating art. One of the greatest shows period. Back in the days when jokes were actually allowed. This is how I view all the news channels.


      RIP, Paul Mooney, Charlie Murphy, Rick James, Prince, and Patrice Oneal.

      1. Hold The Truth Hostage


    22. Lletnah Syad

      OMGosh Fubu!!! I forgot about them🤦🏻‍♀️

    23. Joe

      Dave is the goat! No debate!

    24. Clock Rock

      I just bought this baby cash 💵💸😂

    25. Jose Resto

      Comedy Central should pay Dave Chappelle what he deserves

    26. Kountry Kaine

      Is it me or this is coronavirus in rare form read between the lines people wake up🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    27. Patrick Mccarthy

      White face I am so offended lol

    28. Henry Robles

      Now if this was Telemundo!🤣🤣

    29. Bagu

      I sure miss the old Dave Chapelle

    30. Michael Odhiambo

      Dave predicted the cancel culture

    31. Soma Viceroy

      They "slept with some?"😶

    32. Cursive Writer


    33. Vanessa Clarke

      Tron 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    34. Maximillian Greil

      Fun fact, spending 1 trillion dollars in reparations would only be about 24,000 bucks to every black person. It's nice but not life changing.

      1. Maximillian Greil

        @Harm Reduction Man go Google how many black people there are in the United States and take a trillion and divided by that number

      2. Harm Reduction Man

        Your math is completely wrong, I encourage everyone to double check these numbers lol. How do you think the US government sent out COVID relief checks?

    35. Vanessa Clarke

      Dave CHAPPELLE is sooo extremely talented 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

      1. Vanessa Clarke

        I am screaminggg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    36. Kakashi Hatake

      4:54 "Is that your son? " Nah nah, I just bought this baby cash" This is why I love this show 😂

    37. Donald Andrews

      Actually ,this is degrading....forreal.

    38. Dexter Roberts

      He's kinda making fun of black people

      1. Kosausrk

        You think so?

      2. Andrew Horry

        Wow genius you figured this out all by yourself

    39. Fraz JA

      A lot of people I feel like missed the part where he said they giving us back , this is where the white people smart , they are not materialistic. They know how to increase and make their wealth permanent

    40. Schools

      I miss this show so much! Laugh it makes me.

    41. M de Boer

      George Floyd's family

    42. Bibek Tamang

      pay dave chappelle

    43. Ahmed

      “I’m going to re-invest my money into the community... SIKE!!” 😂

    44. Nestor Lisojo


    45. Stacey Williams

      It would be nice if Dave Chappelle was paid for the work he contributed to your network.

    46. Doug Gasparutti

      Chapelle is a gangster! Funny as shirt brother!

    47. Dennis Bunik

      Is that Pete Davidson behind the news desk?

    48. Dan B

      Dave won. He stayed the course in the face of corporate money and power, and he won. Gonna listen to nina simone all day, Dave.

    49. Jeremy Tole

      We will never have comedy like this again. Get woke or go broke

      1. Stefen Fuqua


    50. jmode_explicit

      "These people just seem to be breaking their necks to give this money right back to us.. " Think about that line. Never caught how smart that was. Especially hearing it with no laugh track. The idea of blacks hanging being lynched "breaking their necks" just to give all that money back to businesses that arent even their own or black owned...think about that line.

      1. think boss

        That’s right

      2. jmode_explicit

        @David Jackson my bad had to think about what you said but I gotchu. Nah fam laugh track live studio audience laugh what i meant was at the time he said it there was no background laugh or noise to drown out the line so when i caught it i heard it loud and clear and it had me thinking for a second about what was said.

      3. David Jackson

        I agree with everything but I dunno if there ever was a laugh track

    51. Rahman Madison

      That Yoda skittt💀👽💀👽💀👽💀👽💀👽💀👽😆😂😂😂😂😂😂

    52. hedhunterrjb 2

      1:02 is this what you was lookin for

    53. Enter T. Veinment

      some boundaries eh?

    54. Nefer khnumu Builders Society

      Comedy central pay dave chappelle and stop streaming his show without paying him . I won't watch your network until you respect the comedians.

    55. Jake Rawnsley

      Shame on you for still wrongfully capitalizing off of David Chapelle.

    56. James Moriarty

      I disliked everything chappelle show (just the show) on IRflow after seeing what I saw. Seeing what comedy central did made me happy in ways I can't fully articulate in a IRflow comment. They did the right thing and now I can thumbs up all the videos again

    57. kevin housen

      Is Dave getting paid for this?

    58. Durian Queen

      “Naw I just brought this baby cash 💰 “😂😂🤣🤣

      1. Kakashi Hatake

        One of the best Dave Chappelle sentences ever 😂

    59. Lemmon Maust

      Why aren't there any banks in the ghetto?

    60. Hitta Comedy

      Crazy how Comedy Central still posting his stuff and he not even with them no more smh

    61. Andy Caddic

      Give ppl money and they go out and buy crypto. They are jumping over each other to give money back to the government.

    62. CPA

      Legendary. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


      That other news guy was on an episode of Always Sunny

    64. Robert Hester

      A lot of hidden gems can you spot em #reparationschickenwatermelonplusjuneteent this why they say he was crazy whole time

    65. Mily Martin

      The makeup for Yoda SENT me ☠

    66. 01001101 01010111

      Still milking Dave for that ad money eh

    67. Angel Ar

      I miss the 2000s.

    68. Phil Porter

      Thankfully Chappelle wasn't cancelled for whiting up.

      1. PanicMose M

        Right???!! Today there'd be rioting (I mean protests) if it was reversed!

      2. Angel Ar

        There was no such thing as "cancelling" in the 2000s.

    69. Aerial Penn

      Truck driver? I ain't a truck driver I'ma Janitor I bought this truck straight cash. 😂😂

    70. a J

      Lol his makeup was just put everywhere like an albino

    71. Chris Tyler

      Yo the KFC/FUBU merger would be WILD!

      1. Lance Boggs

        Got to be Churches. KFC is gross

    72. Y20X TongvaLand

      I don't know how I feel about watching these videos and supporting the network that estranged Dave Chappelle.

    73. Chef Kitchen

      I will vest did money in da cumunidity

    74. Alfredo Alcantar

      BLM they predicted

    75. Isaac Stevens

      I’ve been waiting for IRflow to show the Yoda incident. I’ve been watching this from Netflix to Dailymotion

      1. JDub is a Shill

        @Matthew ENNEN "can you show me on the doll where he touched you?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Matthew ENNEN

        That yoda bit is one of the funnest things ive ever seen in my life

    76. Mirage Main

      Dang, the world hasn't changed.

      1. R R

        Is that beatboxing?

    77. Antonio Hamboney

      So give reparations to stimulate the economy?????

      1. Joe Bob

        Stimulus checks

    78. sneaker tsar

      chappelle should have his own network

    79. Cotey Durci

      So glad Chappelle got paid the show was ahead of it’s time

      1. Cotey Durci

        @Kevin Dexter same here

      2. Kevin Dexter

        I'm glad I was able to watch this and South Park on Wednesdays in high school

    80. Johnny Herrera

      😂😂😂 never gets old... Dave is a genius

    81. Carmelita Carter

      Got those stimulus checks 🤔🤔🤔

    82. James Haggerty

      When keeping it real has gone right.

    83. Rakiaboy

      You stole his show....dont watch it on comedy central,Dave does not have a cent from it

      1. Clock Rock

        He got his money. Google it.

    84. Reena B{NA

      Best shows ever: Chappelle Show, Bernie Mac Show, and Martin

      1. PanicMose M

        Definitely living color, Martin was too repetitive... loved the fresh prince!! Haha

      2. Reena B{NA

        @uniaguilar eggs cheese and grits 😂

      3. uniaguilar

        I like your list

      4. Root Source

        @Reena B{NA respectable 😎🤙🏾

      5. Reena B{NA

        @Root Source Living Color and The Parkers

    85. Zo Valentine

      Dave if-it-aint-funny-it-aint-healed Chappelle ✊🤣😂👏

    86. Blalack77

      Back when comedians were still allowed to be funny. Chappelle is one of the best.

    87. Barry Lyndon

      Ashy Larry! We love ashy larry!

    88. Karan Gera

      The Undisputed Champion of Comedy.

    89. CallMeSugarMilk

      *Y O U C A N ‘ T P R O V E T H A T !*

    90. Razor Rich

      *FUBU merger KFC* creates largest corporation….. flabbergasting, lol!

    91. wutphlex kid

      I'm glad I can watch this show again 😌

    92. josh656


    93. Unc Tay

      stop exploiting Mr. Chappelle. Pay him!! #PAYCHAPPELLE

    94. Crazybanditmash

      dave chappelle's white accent is so accurate.

    95. K. Matthew Thomas

      What I don’t understand is why it’s okay for black comedians/actors to wear “white face makeup” or dress as white folk when it’s a firestorm whenever a white comedian/actor portrays a character in “black face”. I don’t think a white person SHOULD wear a black face, that’s not what I’m saying...I’m just saying if you want equality, then EVERYTHING has to be equal, including the outrage when they do something racist. The old saying that blacks can’t be racist against whites is dead wrong...I’ve been hated just for being white. I get along with everyone because I LOVE people for who they are on the inside, but I just don’t like double standards. They exist, I get that they do. Especially for women. Just won’t ever change until EVERYONE is equally outraged by ALL acts of racism.


        They didn't hung white people and call them crackers while doing it.

      2. Angel Ar

        If you think these stereotypes are meant to be taken seriously, you're exactly the type of smooth brain that Dave called unintelligent when he quit the show. The point of the race jokes in this show was to highlight the absurdity of people who were hung up on race issues. Race stereotypes are simply too funny to be taken seriously, is what the core of this show was.

      3. maNcube

        @K. Matthew Thomas you said "ALL ACTS OF RACISM". You want white face to be treated like black face. Am I wrong. It's my interpretation wrong.

      4. K. Matthew Thomas

        @maNcube not the point.

      5. maNcube

        Because it was not used as racism. 🤦🏽‍♀️Unless you want it to be.

    96. Emily's drunk adventure

      Are you guys paying him?

    97. Eddie Barnum


    98. DÏmmêér Ŝwîîtçh

      Finally can watch the chappelle's show #justice

      1. Krooksbane


    99. tor imas

      Takes me back to my high school days. Best show ever.

    100. Ricardo Casinhas

      Crime rate is down to 0%. How is that possible the mexicans got money too?