Drag His Ass: The Cheater (ft. Mary Beth Barone)

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    Comedian and recovered fuckboy addict @Mary Beth Barone leads a rehabilitation program for fuckboys, “Drag His Ass." In this episode, she tackles the case of “E," a repeat cheater with a history full of betraying her partners, and chats with guest expert Liz Plank.

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    1. Adam

      2:35 this beat is so goshdarn duurdy

    2. Romy Alexandra

      The comments & dislikes are just angry, pressed. men :D Should've guessed.. Love you Mary Beth

      1. Fortune Kookimon

        The comments & dislikes are from people exhausted with the humorless propaganda.

    3. Banned Mann

      Dated, woke and cringe. Hat trick.

    4. MattD


    5. Akatsuki Raven

      Hold up, is this for real?

    6. eric mcintosh

      Funny- but Mom jeans are ot.

    7. Dino Spumoni

      The invterviewer is genuinely a savant, among the best performances ive ever seen well done

    8. Try Again

      Rather be told I have cancer than watch past the 55 second mark. Byyyyyyyye

    9. Billy Jack

      This is as funny as Geico commercials.

      1. Banned Mann

        Shots fired.

      2. Robert Craciun


    10. Blue Sandwiches

      Yo I thought I was watching an ad turns out it’s just how the video starts

    11. Lantana Graham

      Ahh i see what comedy central is tryna do ha lol harlariouse

    12. Burning Shadows

      Gay af not comedy

    13. FlaredMeteor940

      I’m surprised they can do this act without even breaking a laugh

    14. NewJerseyJay

      Wut? This is so woke.. I can't even understand it..

    15. C A

      This is so absolutely ridiculous 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Str8 Cash

      She got some big milkers

    17. Tim Higgins

      Love her legs

    18. Chuckincookinjonesin !


    19. Oscar Ray

      Ok, so you're the victim? That's what you're saying? 😂🤣😂🤣💀

    20. Sassy The Sasquatch

      the host and liz plank look the exact same

      1. Banned Mann

        That ain't a coincidence.

    21. Mr Ouija Gaming

      Waxed you say

    22. Syco Gamerz

      Plzzzz subscribe

    23. Somebody’s grandma

      I have no idea what I’m watching...? Is this for real?

    24. Jeremy Baxter

      Truly hilarious! 😂👍

      1. Matt Aronowitz


    25. R!cothefamousk!dz


    26. Young Spirited


    27. MuffnMonster

      Only males can be sexist

    28. sporq foon

      Comedy Central hasn't been funny in a decade.

    29. Sylvia Black


    30. Rayan Plays

      Just a regular video me to watch

    31. Russell Mitchell

      I would fail that test too😜

    32. PHX2PDX

      Stop making people like Mary Beth Barone "famous"

      1. Banned Mann


    33. Manifesting Wealth


    34. Evan AB

      Also cheating Is selfish and Cowardly and exorcism and sometimes death

    35. Mysasser1

      When she offered that potato salad 😭😭😭

    36. TreatsandTravels 06

      The title says it all 😂

    37. DEVIL WOLF

      I laughed too much and I'm not even 30 seconds in the video

      1. Banned Mann

        @DEVIL WOLF It's just hard to believe.

      2. DEVIL WOLF

        @sporq foon the entire reason for my comment but (─.─||)

      3. sporq foon

        You thought this was funny?

    38. PriceTheBet

      Comedy Central, what are you doing? This isn't funny, it feels like something from 2014.

      1. Banned Mann

        @Fortune Kookimon I feel old.

      2. Fortune Kookimon

        🍇Member when comedy central actually produced comedy?

      3. Derek Mason

        Cringe af.

    39. Sana Hisham


      1. Banned Mann


    40. Tyler Hackner


    41. Sana Hisham

      Potato salad?💀

    42. Gen Tech


    43. Sana Hisham


    44. opyhs

      when the first comment says "Garbage"

    45. Emily McLaughlin


    46. Sergeantmk3sedan


      1. MuffnMonster

        I concur