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  1. WorldSlayer

    The second skit had probably one of the happiest endings out of all the skits they made

  2. Julie Perx

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE SEXISMSEX.UNO IRflow: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков ..

  3. Grandg23 Easy

    This is the best skit of all time

  4. Andrew Henry

    this is, by far, the best sketch i have ever seen them do (taking into account that humour is subjective)

  5. DocD22

    Tonight while playing basketball, my best friend shoved me into the wall while I was in the air. I came up and punched him right in the chest. We are 28 year old men. I immediately thought of this story.

  6. Sam Boac

    This gave me nightmares

  7. Andrew Henry

    ive watched 2 min of this skit and i want it to go on forever.

  8. realbeautyness25

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Neil De Grass Tyson 🤷🏿 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Maximillian R.

    Im watching this three times a day. I can't stop. I need help. Sowl-man

  10. Koontz Daguimol

    Im asian

  11. Josh

    13:00 🤣

  12. Coyote LongDong

    Crowder Gang wya?

  13. Travis Collins

    The wrathful lute apparently concern because structure unprecedentedly turn towards a hilarious gore-tex. coordinated, slow flight

  14. Joe Mackley

    He’s got the wrong problem. The problem is people like him.

  15. TRD57

    Uncensored? Turn that "beep!" Up.

  16. Mrs. H


  17. Mike Rotch

    This site needs to be an hour long. It starts to pick up, and then WHAM! you wake up missing your liver.

  18. John Ko

    This is my favorite video out of this series.

  19. Abdul Muqsit

    I love seriously he says “scary, tricky, RUTHLESS stuff that black ice”

  20. newthrash1221

    Bro i never knew his names was sven lol.

  21. Kay Fabe

    She's so underrated. Parice in spirit. Check the levels.

  22. Alberto Mata

    “America” is not a country

  23. Ac 719

    Have to say....future stuck by his boy!

  24. lastoneout

    dear comedy central, this isn't comedy. you have 44.5k viewers wishing they didn't click this. sincerely, all of us.


    It’s not a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem ✊✊✊

  26. Josh

    22:40 pigs will eat anything

  27. jacky mai

    The available bucket contrastingly encourage because refrigerator curiosly beg like a friendly salad. abiding, far eyeliner

  28. Jacob nonyadambuisness

    Bro there is a guy in snowshoe West Virginia at the resort that works/worked at the kids daycare/youth program thing and he looks JUST LIKE SAL IT AINT EVEN FUNNY sounded like him too

  29. Noel Castro

    If you have to look in the Mirror as you act hard. Your Maybe trying to impress or prove to yourself. Your are a gangster

  30. Rdubya

    Some of y’all knew he was gonna say “oh. You are”

  31. Regina Gerald Drake

    I'm rich

  32. Michael Gaud

    literally just got a code blue alert from DPS as I was watching this. (code blue is an officer has been shot and the suspect is at large)

  33. Michael Walden

    So this is where comedy is at now?

  34. Edward Burns


  35. Patrick Connelly

    The first amendment allows for peaceable assembly. The second amendment is destroying that. We shouldn't have to be afraid to go to church or school or attend a concert.

  36. CGOD Cullimore

    This was a waste of time. Bs with no sense

  37. Ryan

    Wow Hannah on the big screen 😳 congrats to her. She's absolutely star quality with PLENTY OF POTENTIAL

  38. Lucky Lambdin

    Dang! They found out about my baby in Haiti that I bred specifically for the purpose of human sacrifice.

  39. Life Love


  40. Raggadux Jones

    This was so not funny.

  41. David Mastro

    Unfortunate video. You have to hide a hit piece on Peterson behind comedy for it to get through and take everything out of context for it to work.



  43. TeflonGoon Esq

    "I'm going to take all their jobs and be too lazy to work." 😂😂😂

  44. TrigunFan99

    "We'll probably all die and so will everyone watching. Goodnight" Has gotta be one of the best outros

  45. Noel Thomas

    Morpheus sells sea shells by the sea shorpheus!

  46. Brian Jorgensen


  47. oreoninja 303

    Hong Kong isn't China

  48. Ben D

    I love that Vos gets no lines


    this skit was pretty bad. think they're running out of ideas.

  50. Ryan B

    Charlie Murphy, the goat.

  51. Jim Frazier

    33,000? Those are rookie numbers!


    Her feet looks like she's turning into a Lycan...

  53. Grant McDade

    Can see America imploding in my life time.

  54. Tee Cee

    "we gonna spend the golden years together"

  55. M W

    COUSCOUS I cannot 😭


    I feel attacked

  57. Josh Robinson

    Such an amazing display of talent

  58. Makeshift Human

    1:14 to skip intro

  59. Kenny Martin

    That’s honestly incredible

  60. Sabrina Gonzalez

    I love Dave

  61. Astearon

    Just pay the man!

  62. Trill Yen

    Best show ever

  63. Adam Chalmers

    Get more gun owners to join the NRA. Change the org from the inside.

  64. Heisenberg


  65. Saman Moeun

    Saman moeun shirts 1 on IRflow

  66. Pen Island

    I love their complete indifference to the studio being closed by the half way point of the skit

  67. Saman Moeun

    Oh lord 🙏

  68. Rory Jester

    "No. It's being banished." He must have meant brandished, right...?

  69. Ceyhun ay

    The US was the Country of the Absurd that kept giving and Jon milked it and served it to us with his comedic genius.

  70. Far and Wide Gaming

    This man is a National treasure.

  71. Olera Magpantay

    That girlfriend was Ali Wong 😁

  72. PIZZA

    This was arguably the best show on Comedy Central.

  73. Gage Hughes

    That movie idea is coming out soon btw

  74. Ruben Hernandez

    This was actually sad.

  75. Brandon Gardner

    Last line should’ve been “I wonder if she was the one that got away”

  76. ncooty

    This schtick isn't funny in short form, and it's definitely neither funny nor effective in long form. It just comes across as childish and flippant, further under-cutting progress toward any plausible goal he had.

  77. Giovanni Lewis


  78. Jake The Snakeman Patterson

    I liked seeing Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and their daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah

  79. sillykid890

    Rip both legends

  80. Cooper Schauer

    He told this story so well. Just so casual. Love it